CSGO Betting Tips: Who Will Qualify for FACEIT Major 2018?

As Esports fanatics are all heading to London this month to see off qualifiers for FACEIT Major 2018, we provide some CSGO betting tips to help you pick up the winners.

CSGO Betting Tips

Among the 24 pro teams from around the world, eight are still to secure their seats from regional qualifiers. Each team will compete live in London’s Twickenham Stadium, the home of England rugby, for a chance at $50 thousand and a place in FACEIT Major to take place in September this year. We take a look at two major events Asia and CIS Minors, with some great CSGO betting tips to help you place profitable bets at online sportsbook sites in UK.

CSGO Betting Tips on CIS Minor

The qualifiers’ stage just ended in June and all eight teams have been determined for the competition that will kick off from July 10-13. No doubt that both HellRaisers and Spirit are big favourites to win the competition, as they have been the first to qualify for CIS minor championship, after sweeping through the Swiss stage. According to Pinnacle Sportsbook, the odds are (2.520) for HellRaisers and (5.110) for Spirit.

Notwithstanding they have shown to be superb securing a 3-0 record without dropping a single map, other big teams are also preparing to battle it out in London. AVANGAR with odds at (4.020) are expected to be tough contenders. They have a very strong roster and they are expected to pose a threat for each of HellRaiser and Spirit. However only two teams from CIS Minor will progress to the Major event in September. So who do you think have the pedigree to progress?

Asia Minor Championship

RenegadesThe Asia Minor will see eight teams battle it out for two spots in the Major tournament. The competition will take place soon after CIS ends from July 16-20 at the same Twickenham Stadium. Among the eight teams, Renegades and TyLoo are invited, while the other six have progressed from open qualifiers.

According to online sportsbook news in UK, Renegades who came together just two years ago, making big success with second place at Dreamhack Winter 2016, and dominating Asia Minor championship for 2017, are firmly the favourites to win the competition for this time as well. Their odds are (2.380) at Pinnacle Sportsbook. However, they are not alone on the course to shine in London. The former champions of 2016 TyLoo are expected to show great spirit and outstanding results. The odds for TyLoo are (2.389) which means the contention might take a two horse race at the end of the day.

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