Cyber Attack On MGM – What Happened And Who Is Affected?


Posted: September 13, 2023

Updated: September 13, 2023

  • How can a hacker get into billion-dollar companies?
  • How to stay safe after data breaches?
  • Cyber Attack On MGM

There was a cyber attack on MGM. This means that one of the most prestigious Las Vegas Casinos has been invaded by hacker attacks. The way of breach has not been identified yet, but over 10,000 user data has been compromised. We recommend you change passwords if you ever visit their website or resort. Learn more about the breach here!

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Today we are going to talk about the most recent cyber attack on MGM. It seems that lately the most prestigious offline and online sites have been breached with the user details stolen. We recommend you register at the online casino sites in the US. Because our partners have complete encryption and safety. Of course, we can not blame anyone for falling into malicious high-tech hacking.

While the methods are known, a single human error of a new employee can easily lead to a massive shutdown due to the intense technology. Keep in mind that the high-tech defense is intensive, but it was created to match the equally high-tech offense.

About The Cyber Attack On MGM

According to Reuters, on September 11, 2023, the MGM resort suffered a cybersecurity attack. Which means that the whole casino operation had to be shut down. Not everything in the building was connected to the same network. This means that only the casino section and the online casino site had to be closed down. But the rest of the resort was still functioning, including the hotel, the restaurant, and of course gaming.

Keep in mind that there could have been many reasons to make the attack. But generally, the goal was to steal information, or perhaps to sabotage the company. The authorities did not report the exact reason, and maybe we will never find out why. – Until things are chaotic, I recommend playing at BC.Game Casino instead.

What Happened?

The cyber attack on MGM has gone down the same way how DraftKings was hacked. Information was stolen, and losses can not be fully recovered. The cybersecurity system has been re-established and the system is clear from infestations. At the same time, users and former visitors registered in the MGM system might be at risk.

If you have been affiliated with DraftKings as a partner or a customer, then we recommend you contact your bank and change your details. Furthermore, I highly recommend you change all of your passwords on sites that have access to your credit card and sensitive information. – On September 11, the whole casino section of MGM went dark with the slot machines not operating and the website being inaccessible.

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Who Did The Cyber Attack On MGM?

The question is fair; How could such a thing happen? This is a multi-billion dollar business that can afford a $10k campaign as if it were water. They have the greatest prestige in the industry, and the highest form of technology is nothing but pocket change for them. They managed to illuminate the whole city of Las Vegas for centuries with LED lights and they are operating with the greatest digital assets.

Yet, can a single hacker sabotage them? According to Reddit, hacking these companies is not as hard as many imagine. Movies make us believe it is one person coding for thousands of hours. But in reality, a single pen drive, or a click on a phishing email is enough to let a foreign user into the system. And once someone is in a system, bugs will appear over and over again, creating security breaches.

How Much Data Was Stolen?

The cyber attack on MGM has been resolved. According to BBC, over 10 million customer records have been stolen. Which means that if you have been affiliated with them in the past 10 years? Then a password change is due right now. The reason why you should change your password everywhere is because it works the same way people could hack these companies. It is enough for malicious attackers to have access to a browser game you registered to 10 years ago to access more of your most relevant information through a chain of data and open-web research.

Especially with the new A.I. technology where people could even replicate your voice and face. In conclusion, we advise you to stay safe. However, how much money the company has lost is unknown. Furthermore, GDPR fees were not announced.

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What Could Prevent A Cyber Attack On MGM?

The honest answer is nothing. Unfortunately, there are over 11 ways in which attackers could get into the system. Most of these cases involve human error. It is enough to have one new intern join the IT team and open a simple email to give access to the database. 

Furthermore, it is enough to insert one pen drive into a workstation that has malicious software on it. The real question is; How does new technology help us in detecting these things? Most users are fairly safe, as it isn’t worth it for hackers to target mass individuals without a reason. However, the database of 10 years worth of data can be extremely valuable in many different aspects. 

How To Stay Safe?

Finally, we would like to give you some general information on how to stay safe. The cyber attack on MGM is a huge project for a hacker. This means that hacking simple home systems is close to no work for them. First, we highly recommend you get one of the best VPN services available today. Once you get them, make sure to make a strong password that can not be calculated by an A.I. Soon we are going to have quantum computers that are going to be able to figure out any combination of passwords in almost no time.

It is extremely important to stay up to date with technology. But not just in our devices and software, but also in our minds and understanding. – And of course, use our dictionary to browse the safest sites with the best security, such as BC.Game Casino.

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