How To Find Bugs In A Casino Game? – Beginner White Hat Guide


Posted: September 13, 2023

Updated: September 13, 2023

  • Finding bugs for a reward?
  • Black Hat vs. White Hat
  • How to find bugs in a casino game?

How to find bugs in a casino game? One question with so many ethics, dimensions, and different uses. Some want to do malicious activities, some want to make their own slot game. And many would just like to find bugs and report them, hoping for a reward. Which is a fully normal activity in our world of digital damage management. We are going to guide you through the basics!

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Today we are going to discuss how to find bugs in a casino game for entertainment value. Therefore, the goal is not to win cash, but to have fun with programming. But at the same time? Some people in history have made mad money, and hater careers by finding bugs accidentally. Therefore, if you are just like me who is fascinated with not the code, but the system in which software interacts.

Then browse our dictionary for the best online casino sites in Russia to find your favorite operator. Because finding a bug is not punished. Rather, the company will be happy. But we are going to explain how and why these things are going to happen and work. Getting lucky with a jackpot is one thing. Getting expert with the game is another!

Guide On How To Find Bugs In A Casino Game

First things first, let us elaborate on the fact that you can not truly get efficient with a single bug. Because 15-20 years ago it was fully normal to know about a bug and remain silent about it. I remember the good old times when people in video games and casinos kept telling each other secrets, asking for a promise to not share. Because knowing these exploits was a long-term investment.

However, nowadays this is not how it works. Most kids know what bugs are, and it’s easy to understand the software intuitively, the same way older people just knew how to drive a car. According to Newsweek, companies fix bugs the moment they realize them. – It’s important to find a good casino that fixes bugs. This is why I recommend Jozz Casino

Should You Even Exploit Slots?

It’s a pain to say, but yes! Of course, it all depends on your intentions. Because if you are a malicious exploiter, then you will face law enforcement. In that case, you shouldn’t at all. However, if you are an ethical expert or at least a lucky software guy. Then you may even be rewarded. If you know how to find bugs in a casino game, then you have the power. According to Reddit, there was a guy who found a casino bug, and he kept winning cash.

He withdrew 7K and then told customer support that the amount of winnings he got was suspicious. While he was waiting for a response, he pumped his account to 25k but it got locked. Therefore, the customer support allowed him to keep the 7K he withdrew, fixing the bug at that moment.

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How To Find Bugs In A Casino Game In Vegas?

Now this is a bit of a harder topic. For one, if the casino finds out that you are finding bugs, they will just kick you out. In the same way, they will kick you out for counting cards in blackjack. It isn’t against the law to be smart, nor is it against the law to use your brain. However, it is very much against the house rule when it is all about a game of chance.

It is not as big as the Cyberattack on MGM, but still. Vegas is not going to reward you. However, if you find a bug, and you take some cash then you move up to the desk before they notice you, asking for the manager. I am one hundred percent sure they will reward you with at least a free meal or room.

How Programs Work With Bugs?

So how to find bugs in a casino game? Let’s start with the basics. According to Mage Plaza, the easiest way to find bugs is to be a normal user. First test all functions, and test their correspondence with each other. Interactive game software works with two main elements; Front-end and back-end. To understand this in full context, the page you are looking at is front-end. It means that it is just a digital painting or a set of Lego shells.

However, the backend is the engine put behind the Lego pieces, to make the Lego movie like a robot. The lego might be arranged perfectly, but the engine could easily break on the inside. The same for outside. It might work as intended, but graphical elements might break. And these can cause further problems as things are interconnected in a code.

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How To Find Bugs In A Casino Game?

Now use this context to understand a slot machine. What does a slot machine game have? It has a graphical interface;

  • A canvas
  • A background image
  • Interactive buttons
  • Animated elements
  • Menu and guide

And what does the backend provide?

  • Slide
  • Applications for each element
  • Connection between these

Sometimes, some things are just not programmed. For example, if you find a way to manually edit the bet you wish to set. Try to type a negative number starting with ‘-x’. Pressing enter could break the software. Of course, this is not how to hack slot machines. But this is how you can send bug reports to customer support. 

Where To Play Professional Sots?

Finally, we have some thoughts to share on how to find bugs in a casino game. First things first, this is an entertainment article. We do not encourage you to exploit games. However, finding bugs is indeed a hobby to many. And if you are a guy who enjoys tech, why wouldn’t you report bugs, and hope for some rewards in return?

Many companies pay people to report bugs and conveniences. Such as ChatGPT or BTC. But you need to find a casino that doesn’t allow any users to just randomly use ChatGPT for gambling. For a safe, high-quality casino, I recommend  Jozz Casino. Their setup and repertoire speak integrity in IT!

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