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Gambling in Tunisia  
Tunisia has a very strict legal code with regards to gambling. The only legal form is land-based casino gambling, which is important to the country’s tourism industry. Sports betting is illegal despite horseracing and football being highly popular. Like in some other Arab countries, it is common to visit a racetrack without placing bets.

Tunisia’s population is 98 percent Muslim, who are prohibited by religious observance from gambling. However, the government has traditionally taken a secular approach to law, and Muslims can enter the casinos.

While some expected the rising tide of Islamism following the 2010 revolution to lead to more restrictive gambling laws, the previous legal framework remains in place.


Online Gambling in Tunisia  
Tunisia has no licensing or regulatory system of online gambling providers, and it is illegal for them to operate in the country. It is also illegal for citizens to use foreign-operated sites. However, numerous online sites accept Tunisian players, indicating that they are not expressly blocked from accessing them.