Czech Employers Worried About Euro 2012 Effects on Job Performance

Czech football punters rejoice as their team defeats the Greeks giving a hope for making it out of the group stage.

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The Czech Republic national team is participating in Euro 2012 Football Championships. The Czech team is playing in Poland. After disastrous defeat to Russia, the Czechs recovered by defeating Greece 2-1 and still have chances to make it out of the group stage.

Although every Czech is now happy, some Czech-based companies are worried about increases absenteeism, alcohol abuse, and their employees focusing more on Euro 2012 matches than their jobs. Most employers will be more liberal during the championships, but excesses may be punished.

When it comes to football betting, it is a very popular activity in this small country. The online sportsbooks in Czech Republic attract many football punters. Ice hockey and other winter sports are also popular venues for wagering.

Overall, the Czech gambling laws are liberal, allowing for sports betting and casino gambling to prosper.

A nation of just 10 million has over 100 land-based casinos and multiple gambling machines placed throughout the Czech lands. In addition, the online casinos in Czech Republic offer multiple games to the players.

It is as easy to place a bet on sports as it is to spin a roulette at one of the casinos. The Czechs, indeed, are a match to the British gamblers.

Let’s see which team, English or Czech gets further during Euro 2012. The sportsbooks in both countries certainly hope the teams will go as high as possible as this will only increase the betting.

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