South Korean Casino Ordered to Cover Gambling Losses

A Seoul casino ordered to return one million dollars in gambling losses to two South Korean citizens.

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Rarely it happens that a casino is ordered to repay gambling losses to the losing clients. This has just happened in South Korea and is a result of its peculiar laws.

The South Korean gambling laws allow for only one land-based casino where South Korean citizens can gamble. This casino, on top of being the only one, is located in a remote area of the mountainous country.

On the other hand, there are 16 other casinos which exclusively cater to foreign nationals who must show their passports to enter them. This is not always the case as an incident of two South Koreans allowed into banned casino shows.

What has happened is that those two gamblers lost over $2 million at a Seoul casino and sued to have their losses reversed. The judge found the casino to be partially responsible and ordered a repayment of 50% of the lost amount. Two casino employees who assisted in the violation were handed suspended sentences.

Some of the gamblers turn to the Internet to pursue betting. In order to play at online casino in South Korea, foreign sites need to be accessed.

For the gamblers, it is important these are reputable operations, either for casino gaming or sports betting, such as Ladbrokes as an example.

It is still not clear how South Korean lawmakers will handle online and mobile gambling down the line.

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