Czech Republic Could Become 2018 Fed Cup Winner This Way

Czech Republic Could Become 2018 Fed Cup Winner This Way

It’s a no-brainer that Czech Republic is eager to fight for the 2018 Fed Cup winner title. How can they be content with losing to USA last year? A new tennis season provides the chance for Czech Republic to become the best in the world again. We’ll determine how this could all play out based on 2018 Fed Cup betting odds.

Like always, the 2018 Fed Cup tennis competitions will be held from February to November. Each match’s location and time can be found on the organisers’ official website. In order to become 2018 Fed Cup winner, Czech Republic will have to compete in the World Group category along with 8 other countries. Without further ado, here is Czech Republic’s path to winning Fed Cup 2018!

Czech Republic Can Easily Beat Switzerland

On February 10 to 11, Czech Republic meets Switzerland in this quarter final round. It’s a given that Switzerland has little chance to advance to the next round. According to online sportsbook sites in Czech Republic, the odds for Czech Republic (1/25) to win 2018 Fed Cup is definitely higher than Switzerland (4/25). Their head-to-head statistics also reflect these odds. In the past six out of seven matches, it was the Czech team who won. After this round is over, the Czech players have approximately two months to get ready for their next challenger.

Czech Republic

Belarus Presents More of a Struggle

In the Semi-Finals, we predict that Belarus will be up against Czech Republic. The timing of this match-up will be from April 21 to 22. Belarus’ winning odds are at 7/100 according to online gambling sites in Czech Republic. They are among the top three bookie’s favourites to be winner of 2018 Fed Cup. This is not surprising since Belarus was the runner-up in Fed Cup 2017.

On the other hand, Czech Republic has impressive winning records. In total, the Czech Team has received 10 Fed Cups while Belarus has none. That’s why we are certain that Czech Republic is set to advance to the Finals. Six more months to go!

The Last Barrier for Czech Republic to be 2018 Fed Cup Winner

Come November 10 to 11, it is time for the final round of Fed Cup 2018. The recurring battle with USA should be Czech Republic’s last stop this year. USA (3/100) has slightly better odds than Czech Republic to win 2018 Fed Cup. The Czech team will be up against the complete Williams sisters, with Serena back after her pregnancy break.

We believe that Czech Republic has what it takes to win. In recent years, the Czech team has won six Fed Cups in the past 10 years. Compared to them, USA only won the one last year against Belarus. So go ahead and place your bet on Czech Republic (1/25) to become 2018 Fed Cup winner at Pinnacle Sportsbook now!

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