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Gambling in Pakistan

The Prevention of Gambling Act of 1977 destroyed the gambling industry in Pakistan. This bill made any forms of gambling for money illegal. Fines for breaking these laws included a 500-1000 PKR fine, and up to one year in jail.

Just one year later, Pakistan passed the Baluchistan Prevention of Gambling Ordinance. Under this bill, penalties for breaking gambling laws increased to a 5000 PKR fine and up to five years in jail.

Despite the illegal status and dangers of gambling, many Pakistanis still choose to gamble. Sports betting and horse racing are two of Pakistan’s favorite activities to wager on.

Online Gambling in Pakistan

There is no law in Pakistan specifically regarding online gambling, but it is most likely illegal in the eyes of the government. This has not stopped players from gambling online, however, and Pakistan was recently placed in the top 60 countries where gambling activities take place.

There are no internet gambling websites that operate from within Pakistan, but a number of foreign sites will still accept Pakistani players. Penalties for being caught gambling online are severe, so play at your own risk!