Daily Fantasy Soccer Help – An Introduction to DFS Soccer


Posted: February 27, 2017

Updated: July 26, 2021

Read GamingZion’s daily fantasy soccer help and tutorial articles with TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer to get a quick insight to this new type of game that enables you to convert your soccer knowledge to cash!

Fantasy soccer is the new way of winning cash in sports gaming and it is also a lot of fun. Your soccer knowledge can be your best weapon in this skill based game that can earn you a lot of money if you are a committed fan and know a thing or two about the sport.

To play DFS soccer, choose a destination from our list of daily fantasy sports sites. Our daily fantasy soccer help recommend you the more comprehensive destinations like TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer.


• Do your soccer skills matter in DFS?
• Do I have to be a math pro to win?
• How do fantasy points work?

These operators offer 11-player fantasy soccer to deliver the real soccer experience. They also have a full set of DFS tools that help you to pick your squad in any league from the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga to the Major League Soccer or the UEFA Champions League, even Liga MX and Argentina Primera.

Is there a lot of stats in DFS soccer?

Yes and no.Okay, fantasy point calculation at daily fantasy sports sites in Mexico and worldwide can be a bit complex at some destinations. But its point is to translate the athletes’ performance to numbers in the most expressive way possible.

For example, TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer monitors more than 100 different statistics and weighs the most important 17 to calculate the athletes’ fantasy points. The fantasy point you get for your players, is usually a number between 5.00 and 35.00 for starters. It might be only a number for you at first, but you will learn soon that this expresses the athlete’s performance quite well.

To be above 15.00 FP is an excellent performance from the players. Above 20.00 FP is a class performance, while over 25.00 FP is world class. However, our daily fantasy soccer help points out that hard-working midfielders and defensemen can also total around 10-12 FPs, and they can easily win the game for you. Especially if there is a rising star or a player coming back after a long injury in your team outside the regulars.

Do I have to be a mathematician to win in DFS soccer?

Not at all. Mathematicians usually have a certain approach that could help them when analyzing statistics. However, your soccer knowledge is way more important in DFS soccer. When picking your team, you basically predict which athletes would do well in their upcoming match.

mathematician to win in DFS

It might help, though… (Photo: Universal Pictures)

So, knowing the game, the style of the athletes and the opponent is key. Just like being aware of team news like ‘this athlete is going to play and the other would be in rotation’ gives you the real edge in this game.

To give you a real daily fantasy soccer help and a real boost with all that, the best operators like TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer provide you not just the athletes’ stats and the teams’ projected lineups based on recent performances. They also give you a news feed for each athlete and official lineups are also displayed once they are being announced, so you can pick your team right from the starters.

Follow our series to read our pro daily fantasy soccer help tips about how to win in DFS soccer! In the following pieces we will guide you through how to pick daily fantasy contests and how to select your fantasy squad.

In the meantime, have a look at the our TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer Review in the online daily fantasy sports sites in US section. Join TheSix – Daily Fantasy Soccer and win cash through your soccer skills!

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