Dane Jackson to win the ICF Canoe Freestyle World Cup in San Juan!

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The ICF Canoe Freestyle World Cup in San Juan will be a great opportunity for kayak fans as well as extreme sports lovers to enjoy a real high-adrenalin action.

The water sports and among them certainly the canoe and kayak sports continue with the organization of attractive events after the Olympic Games in Rio. After the ocean racing in Tahiti this year next in the raw is the ICF Canoe Freestyle World Cup in San Juan. A perfect oppotrunitu to see wonderful techniques of controling waves, attractive moves and lots of high adrenalin action. If you are fan of extreme sports, canoing, kayak on you simly want to bet on sports in Argentina, the ICF Canoe Freestyle World CUP is an event you should not miss.

Some basics of the canoe freestyle discipline

Canoe freestyle is a typical whitewater discipline and competitions take place on stationary river features. In the events organized by the International Canoe Federation (ICF), athletes have a set time to perform as many different moves as they can for which they are evaluated as well as for the style. The final events are commonly judged on three 45-second runs.

• The ICF canoe freestyle World Cup for the first time in Argentina

• Fans of extreme sports have massively attended the World Cup events

• Dane Jackson biggest favorite for the World Cup throne

The competitions in the canoe freestyle discipline itself use four types of boats: kayak (K), canoe decked (C), open canoe (OC) and squirt. In the kayak discipline, the athletes are seated with their legs out in front using a double-bladed paddle. The the canoe decked category the competitors are set in a kneeling position and use a single-bladed paddle. The open canoes are much the same just that the boats are of a bigger proportion. Lastly the squirt boats have no restrictions but a greater emphasis is placed on smooth control and graceful moves.

ICF Canoe Freestyle World Cup in San Juan: expectations, favorites…

The ICF Canoe Freestyle World Cup started being organized in 2008, one year after the historical, first, organization of the World Championships in this discipline. As sites dealing with internet betting in Spain note, so far, there were four successful World Cups the last one being held in Sort, Spain. What is peculiar about them is that the audience does not only comprise of canoe fans but all sorts of extreme sports lovers who find the performances of the World Cup to be of “high-adrenaline“ character.

The upcoming ICF Canoe Freestyle World Cup in San Juan will be the first event organized by the International Canoe Federation that will be hold in Argentina. The venue, Parque de Aquas Blancas has already hosted several important events in this discipline such as the South American Cup in 2011 and the Pan-American tournament in 2012 but never an event of these proportions.

Dane Jackson from the USA, who comes as the current world champion in the K1 category from the freestyle canoe world championship last year in Canada, is certainly the biggest name and greatest favorite for winning this year’s World Cup. A serious competition for him comes from the French Mathieu Dumoulin as well as from the Canadian Nick Troutman, who is coming on the World Cup in excellent shape. Online sportsbooks in Australia, rank these three among the greatest favorites for the throne although we must not leave out of the consideration the excellent Spanish competitors who traditionally show excellent results on the canoe freestyle World Championships and World Cups.

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