This Week in Pictures: September 27th – October 3rd, 2016

This week in pictures!

There were no end of big news stories breaking around the world last week so lets just quickly review some of the most important.

In the United States the two front runners for the US Presidency clashed in the first of three live televised debates, this week, at the Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. In proceedings overseen by Lester Holt, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump disagreed vociferously with each other and polls afterward showed the Democratic candidate to have come out ahead, as her Republican rival became mired in yet another scandal concerning his treatment and description of women.

In Hungary a referendum was held last week to determine the country’s willingness to accept its quota of refugees as part of its European Union commitments. The populist government of Victor Orban had led a campaign against the move, and convincingly won the vote although the validity of the vote was instantly called into question by the low turnout that fell short of the 50% overall required. The Fidesz government welcomed the result, as did the opposition groups that had campaigned against it.

In Syria the ongoing state of siege in Aleppo was described by the UN secretary for Humanitarian Affairs as forcing the citizens of the city to endure a “living hell”. Stephen O’Brien encouraged both sides to allow evacuation of the wounded and civilians from the city saying “Indiscriminate bombing and shelling continues in a shocking and unrelenging manner killing and maiming civilians, subjecting them to a level of savagery that no human should have to endure.” Airstrikes on the city continue.

In sports the United States regained the Ryder Cup after eight years with victory over the European team at Hazeltine last week. Eventually winning 17-11 the hosts managed to grab an early lead and despite some moments when it looked like the visitors might pull it back clung on for the win. The question is now can Europe win the trophy back in two years time in France? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out, but in the meantime here’s a look at the big stories we covered last week.

1.) GamingZion made a list of the ten young players to watch in the HBL for the season 2016/17. 

NHL prospects 2016

(Photo: Getty Images)

2.) GamingZion looks at Mark Cavendish’s chances of winning the UCI Road World Championship.

Biking in 2016

(Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty/AFP)

3.) GamingZion discusses reports that the US Senate is looking into banning online gambling.

Gambling Ban in the US

4.) We look at some of the biggest recent lottery winners in the US and China.

Lottery winners in the USA


5.) GamingZion dissects the betting lines between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez.

UFC Betting odds 2016


6.) Nobody understood the concept of the latest Hungarian football stadium which was built for the very first Hungarian football club.

footbal stadiums in Hungary

(photo: Facebook/MTK)

7.) GamingZion discusses the plans that Singapore is relaxing their stance on banning online gambling.

Singapore online gambling laws

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