US Senate Is Looking to Ban all Online Gambling

Ban on online gambling in the US

One US Senator from Arkansas has officially introduced a bill that would ban all online gambling activities inside the United States.

The legal situation surrounding online gambling in the United States has been complicated for over a decade. For years, internet gambling was federally illegal inside the US, until a 2012 bill allowed states to set their own laws. Since that time, only a handful of states have jumped on board the internet gaming boat, and legally speaking it remains a sticky situation.

Now, US Senator Tom Cotton is introducing a bill that aims to ban all online gambling throughout the country. This bill, called S.3376, will “ensure the integrity of laws enacted to prevent the use of financial instruments for funding or operating online casinos are not undermined by legal opinions not carrying the force of law issued by federal government lawyers.”

Essentially what that means is it will once again be completely illegal to bet on sports in the US, play casino games online, and partake in any free lotto online play. This bill will supersede all state laws, and make it completely illegal to bet over the internet in the US.

What is the future of the bill?

As of late September 2016, the bill is being reviewed by the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and could be brought to a hearing sometime in the near future.

For now though, everything is still under speculation. The exact details of the bill are unknown, and it remains to be seen whether the Senate will find it worth considering. There is no doubt that the internet gaming industry in the US will be keeping a close eye on this bill.

Do you think the bill to ban all online gambling in the US will be passed? How will this affect the online gaming industry around the world? Leave your comments below, and make sure to check out GamingZion’s US gambling news page to stay updated on everything related to online gaming in the United States!

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