Sven Richter to lead Chile to the next round of the Hockey World League


Posted: September 28, 2016

Updated: September 28, 2016

Chile attacks the first position of the South American Hockey World League group in Chiclayo, Peru as part of the competitions in the round 1.  

The popularity of field hockey in the past years is definitely taking broader dimensions. A principle reason for this is the appearance of the FIH Hockey World League which also includes countries with no field hockey record in the past. It is is being held in duration of two years and the best hockey teams in this World League gain a place at the Olympic Games or the Hockey World Cup.

• Field hockey increases popularity through the Hockey World League

• Chile is the favorite for the top of the Chiclayo group

• Sven Richter is the most notable player of the Chileans

The new Round 1 of the Hockey World League in South America starts with the tournament in Chiclayo, Peru on 01th of October. The teams of Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela will fight for the two places that can bring them in the next round. Whether you are a field hockey fan or you simply want to bet on sports in Peru, this is an event you should not miss.

The Hockey World League 2016/17: round 1

In the previous GamingZion articles we already wrote much about the format of the Hockey World League and the champions from the past cycle. In this new Hockey World League cycle 2016/17 we already know some of the countries that classified for the round two. The national hockey teams of Ghana, Austria, Wales Scotland, Ukraine, Italy, Fiji, Sri Lanka and China already booked their visas for the next round. As sportsbooks in Costa Rica note, the last three nations to join them will be known after the last two tournaments in Mexico and Peru.

The Chiclayo tournament at the Hockey World League 2016/17

The upcoming tournament in Chiclayo is the last one of the first round. Internet betting sites in Chile note that the team with the highest world ranking in this group is certainly the national team of Chile which is placed on the 25th position on the last FIH ranking list. The Chileans leaded by coach Diego Amoroso have already made several important results in the past few years, the most notable being the bronze medals on the last three Pan-American games from 2007 until 2015. On the tournament in Chiclayo, the brilliant attacking duo, Sven Richter and Martin Rodriguez will try to again demonstrate that Chile is among the top field hockey teams in the Americas and set their selection in the next round.

The Chileans will probably meet no obstacle for accomplishing this mission. However the battle for the second place in the group which also leads to the round 2 will be of much more interest here. The Uruguayans, unlike their more famous female national hockey team, are on the 46th position of the latest FIH ranking list. They are considered to be slight favorites in respect of the other teams, if we exclude Chile, but the past experience showed that they cannot bear much of this pressure.

As online sportsbooks in Uruguay stress this is the end might be a chance for teams such as Paraguay and Peru to engage more seriously on this tournament and try to make it into the next round. That would definitely be a big step forward for these teams since it will bring them closer to the dream of attending the Olympic Games in 2020.

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