Recent Lottery Wins in the US and China

Lottery wins in the US and China

Do you feel like luck is not on your side? There were many players around the globe who felt the same, yet they continued playing just to score some of the biggest lottery wins of recent times.

Sometimes it happens to all of us: the motivation to play our favorite online lotteries declines and we’re not sure whether to continue or just give up once and for all. In such cases, reading stories about recent lottery wins can be really encouraging to stay positive and committed to our favorite games. Let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest lottery wins from the previous months!

The $1,000,000 Powerball Win in Wilmington

September 22, was just like any other day in the life of Terry Wallington, a parking lot attendant from Wilmington, until he remembered to check his Powerball ticket for the previous day’s drawing. It turned out that he matched five of the six numbers, winning $1,000,000. After checking the results four-five times on his phone, Mr. Wallington called his closest family members, crying tears of joy.

“I’ve never seen anything like that […] nothing like that, except on TV,” pointed the lucky lottery winner to the zeros on the check. Mr. Wallington plans to use the money to help his family and donate to a good cause. Also, he might upgrade to a used Cadillac from his 1998 Ford Crown Victoria. “I’m not into trips and I am not into splurging,” he said “, I really don’t need anything. I’m content.”

Terry Wallington’s winning numbers were:
1 28 63 67 69 17

Bymax, the Chinese lottery winner

Chinese culture has numerous superstitions when it comes to gambling. Many of them have a pretty grounded base. There were many instances when a bigtime winner ended up poor or even dead a few years after scoring a fortune. In July, a Chinese man has found a way to avoid the curse: he dressed up as Baymax, a famous Marvel character, so nobody recognizes him and he can enjoy his winnings without being bothered by broke family members.

In August, a Heilongjiang man won 58 million yuan on the Chinese Sport Lottery. “The first thing I will do is to buy an apartment for my friend who helped me choose the numbers,” he said to Chinese gambling news. The lucky friend was the one choosing the numbers for the anonymous winner. The same friend was the one to notify him that the he had won the lottery, so the apartment is well deserved.

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