Meryl Streep has the most nominations in the history of the Academy Awards but has had less luck actually bringing the award home. (In more senses than one, as she is rumored to have forgotten her first statuette on a toilet seat after the ceremony in 1980.) However, gamblers are betting on Meryl Streep to end her Oscar drought very soon. ... read more

Bayern Munich’s star had been struggling in the past few months and had reportedly wanted to change clubs. Fortunately, his latest appearances and a new interview suggest that he is back on track. Robert Lewandowski’s Bundesliga betting specials also indicate that RW9 is ready to shine at Bayern once again. ... read more

This year’s Super Cup will inevitably write football history. For one thing, it will be the first Super Cup where the participating teams are from the same city. Moreover, Real Madrid has a chance to become the first team to win three consecutive Super Cups and also catch up with Barcelona and Milan in the category of all-time wins. Atlético Madrid will obviously want to stand in their way. Let us see whether the official 2018 UEFA Super Cup betting odds indicate that they have a realistic shot at pulling that off. ... read more

MMA enthusiast had to wait a long time for a new chance to bet on a Dustin Poirier vs Eddie Alvarez fight. Ever since the fighters’ previous clash at the UFC 211 ended anticlimactically, both fans and Poirier have been asking for a rematch. We will finally see who the better fighter is on July 29. ... read more