Frampton vs Warrington Betting Odds Suggest There Can Be Only One Result

Will Carl “The Jackal” Frampton steal Josh Warrington’s newly acquired IBF featherweight world title? Only on Dec 22 will we know for sure, but the official Frampton vs Warrington betting odds suggest that the fight can only end one way.

The odds suggest that the fight can only end one way.

Frampton vs Warrington betting odds

# Outcome Odds
1. Frampton 2/5
2. Warrington 2/1
3. Draw 22/1
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The best online betting sites in the United Kingdom heavily favor the Jackal over Warrington. At Unibet Sportsbook, for instance, Frampton’s odds to beat his opponent are set at 2/5 (1.40), compared to Warrington’s 2/1 (3.00).

But exactly why are gamblers putting their money on Frampton? Is he indeed a better boxer? Are people underestimating Warrington?

The background of the fight

Not so long ago, Frampton went through a rough period: his love of boxing faded away and he was planning his retirement. Luckily, that period is over, and if Frampton still had any residual bitterness, it was dispelled last month by his triumphant stoppage victory over Luke Jackson at his native Belfast.

Frampton was celebrated ecstatically, and he has made it known how much fighting in front of that specific audience meant to him:

This was unreal. The atmosphere from the Belfast fans was something special, the crowd was fantastic and they made my dream come true. It was unbelievable from start to finish.”

Frampton in full momentum would intimidate just about anyone, but Warrington believes in himself. He is comfortable in the underdog role: most online sportsbook sites in the UK expected him to lose his May encounter with Lee Selby, but he upset the odds and took Selby’s belt. Will he be able to surprise the bookies once again and defend that belt against Frampton?

Are the Frampton vs Warrington betting odds accurate?

There is nothing that illustrates Frampton’s punching power better than the photo Luke Jackson, the Jackal’s last opponent, posted of his post-fight injuries on Twitter. One of Jackson’s eyes is swollen shut, and he reports having suffered two perforated ear drums. Jackson was undefeated before their meeting.

Seeing the damage the Jackal is capable of causing, one tends to agree with Frampton’s confident claim about his superiority to Warrington. “I am a level above Warrington,” the Irishman declared.

Nevertheless, he will take the fight seriously. “I will have to be physically and mentally at the top of my game,” Frampton admitted. But he also pointed out that “Warrington’s best win has been against a weight-drained Selby.” Moreover, he indicated that he would study Warrington’s fight with Kiko Martinez, a boxer Frampton beat by unanimous decision but against whom Warrington only got a majority decision.

Taking the Jackal’s punching power and experience into consideration, the Frampton vs Warrington betting odds look reasonable. The Irishman is very likely to win the encounter, and the 2/5 rewards are tempting for a bet on such a clear favorite.

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