Luis Suárez Betting Specials: What Can Be Expected from the Uruguayan?

The circumstances are putting pressure on the Uruguayan striker and he cannot afford to have a lackluster season. Luckily, his fans need not worry: the official Luis Suárez betting specials indicate that he may live up to the (undoubtedly high) expectations.

Luis Suarez

Suárez will turn 32 in January and Barca have reportedly started to look for his replacement. How long he will stay alongside Messi is unclear and will depend on how he performs this season.

Replacement rumors: do they motivate Suárez?

Harry Kane and Antoine Griezmann were both rumored to replace Suárez.

The aging superstar’s position was almost taken by Antoine Griezmann: throughout the summer, online sportsbook news sites in the UK were filled with reports that Barca were planning to sell him if the Frenchman agreed to play for them. Even though that move never happened, Suárez is only relatively safe.

The latest rumors indicate that Barca are eyeing Harry Kane as Suárez’s successor. But how urgently would they want to acquire Kane, who had signed a new contract with Tottenham before the World Cup and would have to be bought out? It depends on how well Suárez plays this season.

Luis SuarezAnd he seems to have turned pressure into results. In four La Liga appearances, he scored three goals and gave two assists. These are convincing records, and the best online betting sites in the United Kingdom are suggesting that he will keep his momentum.

What does the current La Liga season have in store for him?

At 3/1 (4.00) betting odds, Suárez is the second favorite at Unibet Sportsbook to give the most assists in the Spanish competition. He has proven to be able to match the output of the best: he gave 12 assists in the last season, which resulted in a tie with Messi and Pablo Fornals.

By contrast, his odds are significantly worse in the run for the Pichichi trophy, awarded for the top goalscorer. There is a huge gap between his 8/1 (9.00) and Messi’s 11/25 (1.44). To be fair, it would be unwise to rule him out, as he is the only player who has managed to steal the title from Messi and Ronaldo in the last 9 years. Nevertheless, this is the least realistic of Suárez’s betting specials. Punters who want to minimize risk should, instead, bet on the striker’s Champions League appearance.

Suárez has turned pressure into results.

The safest Suárez betting special

Online sportsbook sites in the UK are offering 3/5 (1.60) returns if Suárez scores 5 goals or less in the Champions League and 6/5 (2.20) if he celebrates at least 6 times.

Suárez has been relatively unfortunate in the Champions League in the last few years, scoring 3 times two seasons ago and only once in the previous one. Only at his peak, in the 2014/15 and the 2015/16 terms, did he surpass the 5 goal limit (he scored 7 and 8 goals, respectively).

Barcelona are expected to perform better than last time around: they are the bookies’ second favorite to win the current Champions League at 6/1 (7.00). While Suárez will undoubtedly be an integral part in his club’s game plan, he will probably not match the goal output of his heyday. It is safer to bet on Suárez to score less than 6 goals.

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