What Is the Best Bet on the Dustin Poirier vs Eddie Alvarez Rematch?

MMA enthusiast had to wait a long time for a new chance to bet on a Dustin Poirier vs Eddie Alvarez fight. Ever since the fighters’ previous clash at the UFC 211 ended anticlimactically, both fans and Poirier have been asking for a rematch. We will finally see who the better fighter is on July 29.

Alvarez and Poirier’s first, notorious bout ended with an illegal blow. In the second round, following a takedown, Alvarez kneed Poirier in the head three times. According to the post-fight interview with Poirez, the first hit was a glancing shot, the second landed on his glove, and it was the third one that caused problems for him: his vision became blurry, and the officials called the fight off.

The third shot in question was clearly illegal, as Poiriez had two hands and a knee on the mat and was thus a “grounded opponent.” The referee made the fight a no-contest since Alvarez, whose eyes were swollen, could not see where his opponent’s hands were and thus couldn’t be charged with intentionally committing a foul.

Respect turning into trash talk

Poiriez showed respect and defended Alvarez from the booing audience during their post-fight interview. He took the microphone to make it clear that the hit was accidental: “This is unfortunate; Eddie didn’t mean to do that but like he said, this is a fistfight.” The contestants then hugged each other. Unfortunately, that approach did not last long.

Poirier started to push Alvarez for a rematch over Twitter, who answered by claiming that Poirier “wanted out” of their original match. This is when the mud-slinging started. In their recent exchanges, Poirier has stated several times that he owes Alvarez “some ass-whooping.” But will he manage to pay his debt? Let’s see what the bookies have to say.

The official odds for bets on the Dustin Poirier vs Eddie Alvarez rematch

What is the best bet on the Poirier vs Alvarez

Online sportsbook sites in the UK think that Poirier has somewhat better chances at winning the fight. Vbet Sportsbook, for instance, offers 1.65 for his victory compared to the 2.10 offered for Alvarez’s triumph. What is the reason for the bookies’ preference for Poiriez?

For one thing, he was the one dominating their original fight until it was halted. It is no coincidence, after all, that Alvarez was having issues with his eye by the time he landed that illegal knee. Poirier was simply better at the kickboxing exchanges and landed far more shots.

Since their no-contest, both Poirier and Alvarez fought and beat the previously undefeated Justin Gaethje. Poiriez also clashed with Anthony Pettis, against whom he seemed to be in especially good form. Poiriez bloodied his opponent and broke his rib, which forced Pettis to tap out in the third round. Poiriez will thus be coming off a dominant victory and that momentum may give him the edge against Alvarez.

It remains to be seen whether Poirier will be able to win by KO, as Alvarez has proved his durability at the UFC 211 when he somehow managed to fight back after Poirier wobbled him with an enormous shot in the second round. While the winning method is an open-ended question, we are convinced that the right pick, when betting on the Poirier vs Alvarez rematch, is the fighter who was robbed of a victory during their previous encounter.

Do you agree with our prediction? Or do you think that online sportsbooks in the UK are overestimating Poirier’s odds to win (1.65)? Let us know in the comments below.

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