Do Not Bet on Oxford Says the Boat Race 2018 Odds

Boat Race 2018 Odds

The rivalry between University of Oxford and University of Cambridge has existed ever since the beginning of time. Not only do they want to compete intellectually, both universities also want to be the best in sports. This is where the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race comes in. So why do the Boat Race 2018 odds favour Cambridge, and not Oxford?

Let us begin with an overview before we reveal the Boat Race 2018 odds. Putney Bridge represents the starting point of the Boat Race. The rowers have to showcase their stroking power and endurance for 4.2 miles along the River Thames. Passing by the Surrey Bend, the finish line is just a little before Chiswick Bridge.

UK gambling news has reported that the annual Boat Race should attract a crowd of 25,000 along the banks of the Thames on the 24th of March 2018. A tradition since 1829, this year marks the 164th race. Both Cambridge and Oxford universities aspire to achieve excellence in both brains and brawns!

Cambridge v Oxford: The Boat Race 2018 Odds

All selected athletes from both universities were weighed and measured at the official announcement ceremony. It turns out that Cambridge has James Letten, the tallest rower ever to compete in the Boat Race history. All in all, the Cambridge crew consists of heavier athletes who could provide more stroking power and a higher speed.

According to online sports betting sites in UK, Cambridge’s odds to win are at 41/100 which is a great deal higher than that of Oxford’s at 161/100. It is a clear warning not to bet on Oxford! However, Oxford says not so fast to the Boat Race 2018 odds. A heavier crew is not always an advantage. The boat could easily sink and Oxford would be able to have a sweet victory.

A Draw is Always Possible

In all the 163 Oxford Cambridge Boat Races, there was only one dead heat back in 1877. It’s a long shot but gambling sites in UK predict 50/1 odds for Oxford and Cambridge to cross the finish line at the same time at the Boat Race 2018.

Anyhow, the betting odds suggest that you had better bet on Cambridge (41/100) than Oxford (161/100). Look at the winning records between the two universities. Cambridge takes the lead with 124 combined wins of Men’s and Women’s races, while Oxford lags behind at 110. So let’s bet on the Boat Race 2018 at 1xBet Sportsbook!

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