Donald Trump Party Predictions – Will He Start His Own?

  • The former president is still an essential character of the US politics
  • There are already predictions of him breaking away from the GOP
  • Here are the Donald Trump party predictions with odds
Donald Trump Party Predictions

It is one thing that Donald Trump had to leave the White House this year after he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden. But him staying away from politics is a whole other case. Because even though he surrendered his post, he does not seem to leave the field of politics. There have been many speculations and predictions in connection with his future in the sphere. The newest ones are about him forming his own party. Here is everything to know about Donald Trump’s party predictions.

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For the last couple of years, the news has been all about the 74-year-old businessman and politician. During his presidency, it was because of his acts, sometimes because of his personal life, and of course, we have to mention his impeachment trial. Around the election, he was on the news with calling foul on the procedure. And we do not have to go into details with all the tweeting and Trumpists causing a riot in the Capitol following the elections. These can be the reasons why many believe that he still has some business coming up with politics. Let us see the Donald Trump party predictions!

Donald Trump party predictions – What about the GOP?

The second impeachment of Trump brought some interesting results. Seven out of fifty Republican senators voted on the conviction of the former president. So, some questions arose about Trump’s future in the Republican Party. Some rumors say he might even split from the GOP – and he could have support for that. A poll carried out by Suffolk University/ USA TODAY pointed out that the former president’s support is still unshaken. 46%-27% of those surveyed claimed that they would join Trump if he formed his own party. This means that these voters would leave the Republican Party without question. The rest of the surveyed was undecided.

Donald Trump party predictions odds

As for now, the bookmakers and gambling prediction sites do not see a big chance here. The odds of Trump not creating a new party is 1/8. This means that the former president is 88.9% likely to stick to the Grand Old Party in the future. Speculators say that if they convicted the president during the second impeachment he would probably already be forming his own party. This would cause a massive crack in the Republican Party since Trump would presumably drive millions of voters away from them. So, for now, it looks like everyone is better off with Trump staying. However, the future might hold some surprises, and if you want to make some extra out of this, you should act on time. Get on one of the online casino sites in the US, like Club World Casino, and make your bets!

Donald Trump Party Predictions
Where are you going Mr. Orange?

What does the future hold?

As for now, the former Republican President is not very likely to form his own party, since it is in no one’s favor at the time. But what about the future? No one knows his upcoming role at the party. Today Trump is on his quest to punish the Republicans who he thinks of as disloyal, like McConnell. He could probably go on with those who voted against him, like Bill Cassidy. He is also on his way to expand Trumpism by launching his own media dynasty. Through a Trump TV network, he could be more successful in broadcasting his views on political questions.

But is it still possible for him to run for president? Well, he still has 3 years to figure out and prepare. Gamblers also have some time to place their bets in connection with his future in politics. Maybe, in the meantime, the Donald Trump party predictions will be more clear. And wagers can go on with online gambling sites in the US, such as Club World Casino, and place some exciting bets on the case!

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