Drone Racing League Betting Odds on Top Pilots of 2020 Championship

  • 2020 DRL World championship is at its closing stages
  • Jet is the only two-time champion in DRL
  • Amari is the 2020 rookie but the favorite to win it all
Drone Racing League betting odds

Drone Racing one of the newest sports that has been gaining popularity around the globe is now available for betting enthusiasts. Here is our preview of the league, and the top pilots competing for the 2020 world title, as per the Drone Racing League betting odds.

If you did not notice the Drone Racing League betting odds before at the bookies’ platforms, it is because the league is relatively new. The Drone Racing League (DRL) came out in 2016. The ongoing season is the fifth one only. But, it is already contested by several well-established players. So, it is likely that the odds on DRL and its top pilots will be offered by the bookies more often such as the online gambling sites in Switzerland.

What is DRL?

DRL is a professional drone racing for elite pilots, with custom-built racing drones traveling 90 MPH. The race uses the first-person view, with the pilots competing through three-dimensional courses. The pilots control their drones by wearing goggles that stream live video from the drones.

Much like LoL, CSGO, and all other different esports, DRL exploded with popularity in a very short time. Many analysts at online gambling news sites in Switzerland perceive DRL as Star Wars, expecting it to become the Formula One of the drones. It is no exaggeration as DRL already attracts many global broadcasters and receives sponsorship from corporations likes Allianz.

2020 DRL World Championship is at its closing stages

The 2020 DRL Allianze World Championship features 12 pilots from all around the world competing in 16 levels. The final levels include multiple heats for the semifinals and finals. Currently, the championship is at its closing stages, which kicked off on 9 January 2021. Therefore, you can find the Drone Racing League betting odds now for the potential winners of levels 15 and 16 at 22BET Sportsbook.

Drone Racing League betting odds
Let’s race!

Jet hopes to win the third world title

The two-time champion Jordan ‘Jet’ Temkin is one of the most seasoned pilots competing in DRL. He joined the inaugural championship in 2016 and won it, earning a $100,000 contract to become a pro drone pilot. Jet returned in 2017 to win against Gab707 in the final. What is more, Jet so far logged 7 podium finishes in his 19 appearances. According to the Drone Racing League betting odds, Jet has a strong chance to win for the third time with a value of 26 at 22BET Sportsbook.

Gab707 has been highly competitive for the past three years

The 31-year-old Gabriel ‘Gab707’ Kocher from Switzerland is another pilot with massive experience. Gan707 is an actual Ph.D. holder of Material Science and serves as a postdoc researcher at the University of Zurich. Aside from his academic achievements, he is a very talented drone pilot.

In 2016 and 2017 Gab707 finished as the runner up. In 2018 he took third place after crashing out in the Golden Heat. Whereas, in 2020 he has enjoyed a very intense focus and clean flying lines. Thus, capturing the title is possible with 12 odds.

Nubb is a very consistent pilot

Nubb was a rookie pilot in 2018 but he managed to dethrone Jet and win his first Championship. He is 26 years old from Tennessee and well-known for being a consistent, high-speed DRL performer. Nubb is one of the most aggressive pilots who can turn things around in a split of a second. His odds to win the title again are 4.

Amari leads the Drone Racing League betting odds

It is very exciting to see the bookies choosing Christian ‘Amari’ Van Sloun the new player as the favorite to win the championship with 1.4 odds. He just joined the pro drone race in 2020 as a rookie. But, he instantly made a mark by beating thousands of pilot hopefuls and winning 10 out of 10 heats in the DRL SIM Tryouts Finals.

Sports fans got used to the idea that pedigree often affects the performance of players in any competition. But DRL is a new sport and it will likely have new rules. So, do not be surprised if Amari wins it all. If you wish to see all the best DRL odds, just check out the review about 22BET Sportsbook.

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