Drugs Actually not Allowed at Stadiums During the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Drugs Actually not Allowed at Stadiums During the 2018 World Cup in Russia

A number of news outlets reported last week that football fans who will be travelling all across the globe to cheer for their nations at the upcoming World Cup in Russia will be allowed to bring drugs for personal use; there drugs reportedly include cocaine and heroin. But according to one of Russian’s main news outlet RT and online gambling news, we have now found out that this was all a hoax, as expected.

Hard drugs is a “no, no”

Aleksey Soronkin, the CEO of the Local Organising Committee for the 2018 FIFA World Russia, denied the news that fans could bring drugs with them to the stadiums during any of the matches. ”There isn’t even anything to comment on,” said the chief responsible for organizing the first World Cup in Russia.

As predicted, “hard drugs” such as cocaine and heroin will undoubtedly be a banned (and illegal) substance, but drugs that can relieve pain will be permitted by the authorities during the month-long tournament. This means that marijuana or other opioids that are classified as medical drugs can be brought to the tournament by the fans, but they will need a great deal of paperwork that goes along with it; a detailed prescription with valid dates and quantities will need to be translated into Russian and notarized so that the borders agents can properly examine and approve the passage of medical drugs.

Bet on World Cup 2018 in Russia

Currently, World Cup defending champions Germany are favourites to reclaim the title in Russia, with odds of 5.50 (9/2) per Bet365 Sportsbook. With the strength that they have and the depth of their squad, it’s not surprise to see them as the ultimate side for the upcoming World Cup. On top of that, Joachim Low is a mastermind when it comes to assembling players on the pitch, so they’re once again have a possible winning combination; if they were to lift the trophy in Russia, it would be their 5th World Cup title, effectively matching Brazil.

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Brazil also carry the same chances 5.50 (9/2) like Germany, but we’re not so sure about that at this stage. That’s because Brazil’s biggest threat and the world’s most expensive player Neymar will undergo surgery on his foot, after suffering an injury in a collision when PSG faced Marseille a week ago.

Saint Petersburg is ready for the World Cup, having installed the official emblem. (source: SBS News)

It’s believed the 26-year-old will be out for up to 8 weeks, but we’re pretty certain that much time on the sidelines could very easily affect his form and fitness levels. So Brazil’s odds may change depending on the outcome of both Neymar’s surgery and the subsequent rehab process that could take time.

Third on the list are France 7.00 (6/1), while Spain 8.50 (15/2) are fourth favourites with online sportsbooks in Russia. Due to Argentina’s poor performances in the group stage, they’ve been dealt odds of 10.00 (9/1), while the hosts Russia on the other hand are ironically complete outsiders when it comes to their chances of lifting the World Cup title on home soil, with odds of 34.00 (33/1).

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