Dubai Airport Lottery

  • There's no cap on the number of tickets you can purchase online for the Dubai Airport Lottery
  • Dubai Airport Lottery is one of the lotteries with the best odds in the world
  • There's no definite date where the numbers are drawn
dubai airport lottery

Dubai Duty-free Millenium Millionaire or simply known as Dubai Airport Lottery has been changing people’s lives for years now. Even though fairly new, the lottery is infamous for turning people millionaires overnight. Along with the million-dollar jackpot, the lottery also offers Dream Cars from prestigious brands like Porsche and Jaguar for the winners. Hard to say no to trying your luck right? For as little as 500 DHS you can have a shot at your dream car. Purchasing tickets for the lottery is easier than you think.

There are many ways you can get stuck in the airport. You can be waiting for your flight in ten-hour or simply just have some time to kill before boarding. Whatever the reason is, buying a lottery ticket is a fun new way to spend some of that extra time. Dubai Airport Lottery is popular in the world for its significantly good odds and convenience. Unlike other lotteries in UAE, you don’t have to be local to participate in the lottery.

What is a Dubai Airport Lottery?

Dubai Airport Lottery or Dubai Duty-Free Millenium Millionaire was established in 1999. It was one of the first airport lotteries when only local souvenirs and liquors used to fill the duty-free stores. However, the organizers of this lottery have seen a potential in the lottery business in the airports and succeeded. Now, Dubai Airport Lottery is one of the biggest lotteries in UAE, with a grand prize of 1 million USD, and complimentary prizes including Dream Car and Dream Bike.

dubai airport lottery
Dubai is the capital of opulence – Image source: Farhan-sagittarius / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The majority of the people participating in the Dubai Airport Lottery are the travelers coming in and out of UAE. The total number of tickets is 5000. There’s no fixed date of the draw, but there are usually two or three weeks between the draws. However, if you’re purchasing the tickets online, there’s no cap.

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Where can you get tickets for Dubai Airport Lottery?

As you can probably already tell from the name, you can buy a ticket for the Dubai Duty-Free Millenium Millionaire from the airport. There are kiosks selling the tickets for the grand prize of 1 million US dollars along with tickets for a Dream Car and Dream bike.

Also since the lottery is multi-national you can buy the tickets from any online gambling sites in the UAE. As long as you make a deposit in your account in any of those sites, you’ll be able to purchase the ticket. You don’t have to travel to Dubai in order to participate in the lottery. Even if you’re already a resident there, buying a ticket from your coach is so much easier than queuing for an hour in the gas stations.

A single ticket for the grand prize costs 1000 DHS. It’s 500 DHS for a car and 100 DHS for a bike. However, make sure to check the cost in your preferred site since VAT s and other taxes might apply. The Dubai Airport Lottery is not responsible for the taxes since it varies in each country. However, once you’ve provided your original ticket, valid passport, and bank details for the Dubai Airport Lottery committee, it takes only three to four weeks until they wire the money to your account.

dubai airport lottery
Dubai Airport – Image source: Flickr

Can non-residents of UAE buy tickets for the Lottery?

Yes, you can! Actually, the number of winners not residing in the UAE is higher than the resident winners. Thanks to the online lotto sites in UAE, everyone has access to the tickets. As long as your country allows foreign lotteries, you can put your name in the pool of people to be the next winner. However, there might be some tax issues regarding the win. Remember that the tax and gambling legalization differ in almost every country. So you need to be careful to follow every law that applies.

Some of the lucky foreigners who have increased their bank account by a million dollars are a 7-year-old Indian national boy, 30-year old Dubai based Filipino national, and Timothy Reducha, a Canadian national based in Riyadh. Those are just the beginning of the list of foreigners who gut lucky in Dubai Airport Lottery. One of the reasons why the lottery is so popular with foreigners is probably the location of the kiosks. Purchasing a ticket at the airport is definitely more convenient than going to the city and waiting in line at some gas station.

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