England Play Italy In The Six Nations Betting On A Big Score

England Italy In The Six Nations 2017

The English might have squeaked win so rare in Cardiff that it makes nipples in the Pokerstars Christmas calendar look commonplace but they’ll go into the next round of the Six Nations betting they can hold their own against the woeful Italians. The question is; How will the rest of these international Rugby Union teams fare and which should you wager on at Bet365?

Six Nations Outrights

• England – 1/3
• Ireland – 5/1
• France – 10/1
• Wales – 20/1
• Scotland – 20/1
• Italy – 5000/1

England left it relatively late again to hammer out a victory in their match with Wales. The 21-16 win keeping them at the top of the Six Nations betting odds with two wins out of two sitting them squarely at the top of the table a couple of points clear of second ranker Ireland. It might be rare for them to get the upper hand in Cardiff but it allows them now to grab the competition by the scruff of its neck as they next face Italy, a team which has yet to grasp the fact they can’t actually play international rugby.

Alright, alright, so that’s a little unfair, they did manage ten points against the Irish, a three point improvement over their score against Wales, but Wales did only get 33, whilst the Irish got a embarrassing 63 points in their game against the Italians. England will, naturally, be looking to get an even larger margin, leaving the competitive matches (on which it’ll be worth you taking advantage of UK gambling laws to do some Six Nations betting on Bet365, to the other four teams involved.

Is An England Victory Assured Against Italy?

England are 1/100 favorites to beat the Italians with 40/1 on the unlikely reverse result at Bet365, which means if you want to do some Six Nations betting this round you’ll have to look elsewhere. Luckily France visit Ireland with the former sitting fourth in the table with an almost even for-against stat, but it’ll be a battle and that’s reflected by them getting a scant 12/5 to win with the hosts getting 1/3, however the fact a draw is at just 22/1 says a lot for how tough a game this could really be.

Six Nations Round 3

• Eng 1/500 : 40/1 Italy
• Ire 1/3 : 12/5 France
• Scot 10/11 : 10/11 Wales

It’s doubtful Ireland will get as sizable a score against France as they did Italy but if they get ahead expect them to streak away. Which is not something you can say about the Wales – Scotland game which is set to be a thriller as two rather evenly matched teams slam up against each other in what could well turn out to be the match of the tournament. If you’re apt to bet on sports in UKyou’ll have already sensed from the Six Nations betting odds being offered on the game, this will be special.

Six Nations Betting Available At Bet365

There is no greater clue that you can watch the current round of Six Nations betting it’ll be a thrill a minute than finding out the bookies are offering identical odds on both sides to win. Sure, they’re only offering 20/1 on a draw, which may well start to look tempting, but in rugby that’s very short odds indeed and Wales and Scotland both getting 10/11 at Bet365 at the time of writing seems to guarantee the sort of game that makes history, if only because it will be one of the most grueling matches ever.

Of course anyone in the UK gambling news headlines will never involve England losing to Italy are foolish, as soon as one is that confident it’s all over bar the embarrassing defeat, but that unlikely possibility aside, you really can settle into the next round of the Six Nations betting on Ireland to keep the French at bay, and then whomever you fancy in the Scotland Wales game as it is apparently still a bit of a coin toss twixt the two even for the giant online bookies like Bet365.

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