Eric Semborski Saves The Day Upon Flyers Goalie Injury

Philadelphia Flyers Goalie Injuries

Flyers goalie injury got pretty serious before and in the middle of their latest NHL match against New Jersey Devils. Eric Semborski came to rescue them.

NHL goaltender rules are almost as strict as online gambling laws in the US. They state that each team must nominate at least 2 goalies for each match, in addition, the emergency goaltender is only allowed to play if the starter goalie gets injured. That’s why unfortunately Eric Semborski was not allowed to play, yet Philadelphia Flyers tried to make him a lovely gesture. But what was he doing there?

How did Semborski got to play for Philadelphia Flyers?

That’s not an easy question to answer. To understand what he was doing in Philadelphia on this particular evening, we must understand the Philadelphia Flyers goalie injury problem first. Steve Mason is the #1 goaltender for the Flyers. However, the NHL goalie got injured just before the game against NJ Devils, so he had to miss out on his team’s match.

But there are two more goalies at the Flyers’ squad…

Where were they? Well, #2 goalie started in the game. However, Michal Neuvirth fell unconsciously on ice in the 8th minute of the game. He was fine immediately, but of course he had to be taken to the hospital to be examined thoroughly and properly. Hence, he was not allowed to play any longer. And as mentioned above, each team must have at least two goalies according to NHL goalie rules.

So what to do when you are about to violate the rules? Should you do that, you shall face serious punishments. But there was a #3 goalie too, in the squad of Philadelphia Flyers, his name is Anthony Stolarz. He got to play right after his fellow NHL goalie got injured. Online sportsbook in the US would have expected NJD to score easily against the unexperienced goaltender, but oh boy, have they been wrong! The boy save the Flyers, he saved 26 shots, which is quite an outstanding performance!

Just on time…

However, it was not sure until the last moment that he will be capable of attending the match. That is, because Stolarz is usually member of the AHL team. In fact, in the very same day he was on his way to play with his regular team. Luckily enough, they were in Philadelphia that day, so Stolarz had enough time to pack his stuff and arrive just on time.

Literally just on time! Stolarz arrived in the dressing room just a few minutes before the game actually kicked off. Again, we must highlight the fact that he played a terrific game when his team needed him the most. No one expected such a performance from the player.

Semborski, the most wanted emergency solution for NHL goalie injuries

Philadelphia Flyers won the game by 6-3. They could not have done that without the assistance of the young emergency goaltender, Eric Semborski. On the one hand, online sportsbooks like Bet365 thought of the match as quite an unpredictable one: the odds for Flyers to win were 2.20, while the odds for Devils to win were 2.90. 

But it’s also worth remembering the name, Eric Semborski. This is not the first time he rescued an NHL team: a while ago his services were also needed by Chicago Blackhawks. They appreciated it by giving him gifts. The Flyers tried to let him play, but unfortunately the referees were way too strict about the NHL goalie rules. Maybe upon the next Flyers goalie injury we will get to see him in the goal!

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