Europa League Betting Preview – 1/32 Finals Return Leg (Part IV)

Europa League 1/32 Finals

We take one final look at this week’s games being played in the Europa League which promises to showcase plenty of great action.

Feyenoord will be looking to use everything they have in their arsenal to beat their upcoming opponents AS Roma at home. This should prove to be a game full of tension following the saddening events that occurred in the Italian capital last week, according to EU gambling news. Both teams will be vigilant to put on a good show and make it to the next round.

• Napoli have already secured their advancement to the next round
• AS Roma set for an uncertain game against Feyenoord away
• Wolfsburg looking to beat Sporting once again in the return leg

Napoli have been phenomenal in the competition so far and they are getting closer to the final every time they take on a new opponent. The Italians will next face Trabzonspor in what should be a great game. Olympiakos will square off against Dnipro at home, while Wolfsburg will play against Sporting away.

Feyenoord vs AS Roma and Napoli vs Trabzonspor

Last Thursday when AS Roma took on Feyenoord at Stadio Olimpico everyone expected them to seal an easy victory, however that did not turn out to be so. Bet365 ranked them as favorites for the game but they just couldn’t find the solution to break down the Dutch side. Gervinho opened the scoring in the 22nd minute however 10 minutes after the break Feyenoord responded by netting a goal themselves by way of Kazim-Richards.

Feyenoord-AS Roma

Despite the fact that Feyenoord will be playing at home they are not considered immediate favorites for the clash. Bet365 has decided to give them odds of 2.75 (7/4) whereas the club from the Italian capital enjoy slightly better chances 2.63 (13/8). Considering what happened a week at in Rome, both sides may be anxious during the game which might lead to a likely tie 3.25 (9/4).

Napoli have been a dominant force in the Europa League this season by clinching first place in their group with a total of 13 points which came from 4 wins, 1 draw and only 1 loss. when the time came for them to overcome the 1/32 finals they have virtually done so in the first leg already by defeating Turkish side Trabzonspor a massive 4-0 away.


So for the return leg they won’t have to work too much but sit back and defend their lead. Mobile betting sites have given the Italians highly preferential odds 1.36 (4/11) due to their far better standing as a team, while the Turks have been assigned unfavorable chances 8.50 (15/2). A draw 5.00 (4/1) between them is also likely given that Napoli won’t have anything to prove.

Olympiakos vs Dnipro and Sporting vs Wolfsburg

Olympiakos suffered a 2-0 loss to Dnipro last week on their trip to Ukraine, a result that they’ll have a hard time overcoming this Thursday night. Dnipro can only make their position more secure if they score whereas the Greeks will be left at a greater disadvantage if they miss the opportunity to put themselves ahead.


For the return leg Bet365 has decided to give the better odds to Olympiakos 1.75 (3/4) since they’ll be the hosts, although in reality a win for them is quite questionable. The chances for Dnipro clinching another victory are not very convincing as they have been set at 5.50 (9/2). A draw 3/40 (12/5) is perhaps the most probable event for this game, given the results of both sides in recent times.

Sporting went head to head with Wolfsburg last week but while on their visit to Germany they were humbled with a 2-0 loss. The Wolves’ striker Dost found the back of the net twice (46’ and 63’) while the newly signed player from Chelsea Andre Schurrle played 79 minutes of the game before being replaced by Caligiuri. Now they will have to find a way to protect their lead and look for a possible goal opportunity to give them greater breathing room.


Since Wolfsburg are in form both domestically and in this competition online sportsbooks in EU have given them better chances 2.50 (3/2) for this encounter. A The Portuguese side have been assigned lesser chances 2.88 (15/8), while a tie between them stands at an unlikely 3.30 (23/10). Judging by the way the Germans are playing at the moment this should be a rather one sided game resulting in their win.

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