First Eurovision 2020 Winner Predictions: Who Can It Be?

  • The next ESC will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Italy and Russia are the most likely to take the crown
  • Most countries will announce their participants this spring
Eurovision 2020 winner predictions, bet on eurovision, esc 2020 bets
Duncan Laurence brought ESC to the Netherlands
Image source: Eurovisionary.com

1xBet Sportsbook experts are too curious to wait until May to make Eurovision 2020 winner predictions. Here are the first suggestions about the next possible host of the main music contest in Europe.

The 65th edition of the European Song Contest will take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Duncan Laurence’s Arcade brought the show to his home country after winning the first prize in Israel. It took a long time to bring Eurovision back to the Netherlands since Teach-In’s victory 45 years ago. As nothing lasts forever, we will learn about the next host of the ESC very soon. So, who can it be?

Eurovision 2020 winner predictions give preference to Italy

Eurovision 2020 winner predictions, bet on eurovision, esc 2020 bets
Il Volo was so close to winning in 2015 [Manfred Werner – Tsui [CC BY-SA] via Wikimedia Commons]
We all know the dramatic story of the Italy-Eurovision relationship. In 1993, the country quit the contest for almost 18 years. There was no official explanation of reasons except for “lack of interest in participating”, however, it doesn’t matter now. Despite the complicated relationship between Italy and ESC, this country has always been successful at the Eurovision stage. Although it won the contest twice (the last one was in 1990), its singers always took high places in the grand final. Since Italy’s comeback to ESC in 2011, it won a bronze medal once and was a two-times runner-up. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Therefore, 1xBet Sportsbook experts give it one of the highest chances to host the show next year – 8.00.

There is one more reason to bet on Italy to win ESC this year. As the country belongs to the Big 5, it is automatically redirected to the grand final. Other popular Eurovision 2020 winner predictions show that the winning composition may come from the Big 5 list, i.e. Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and the UK.

Scandinavia has high chances to host the show

If you doubt that the ESC jury will give preference to Italy after years of absence, betting on Scandinavian countries is a win-win situation. All of them are in favor of both the Eurovision jury and the audience. In particular, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands have equal chances to win the show in May. 1xBet evaluates their odds in 10.00 each, so you can choose whatever country you want. We would suggest you to bet on Sweden as this country is the second most successful at the ESC with 6 victories. Moreover, Sweden will be choosing its next contestant very soon, so don’t miss the chance to be in the first row to witness the birth of the country’s next star.

Can it be Russia?

Eurovision 2020 winner predictions, bet on eurovision, esc 2020 bets
He should have won in 2016 [Okras [CC BY-SA] via Wikimedia Commons]
Yes, it can be Russia to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. There is a popular opinion that the country was robbed of victory twice during the last decade, which can give it additional points in the Netherlands. With 8.50 odds at online sportsbooks in Russia, the ESC permanent participant has high chances to bring justice back and avenge Polina Gagarina and Sergey Lazarev’s second places in 2015 and 2016 correspondingly.

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