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Posted: May 26, 2023

Updated: May 26, 2023

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We have collected the best EV bets for politics in June. However, this is pretty much valid in May and July as well. Because these are long-running betting markets. However, this collection seeks to establish a sense of security. Therefore, these are the political bets I will wager on this year. Because these do not have incredible odds. But it’s fairly safe to pick them. Because all you have to do is to analyze the current political atmosphere. However, stay gambling aware and know that it’s still a risk.

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In this article, I am going to talk about the EV Bets for politics in June. Therefore, these are the most valuable sports betting markets in 2023. This is why I recommend you register at the online sportsbook sites in the UK. Because these props are for different regions and countries. Ergo, you have to seek out multiple sites. But don’t worry.

Because there is one website that might be available in all of the mentioned regions. However, if the recommended site is not available, then please check our dictionary for the most fitting platform for you. This article contains a collection of the best odds for the following events:

  • North & South Korean unification
  • Great Britain General Election
  • Canada Federal Election
  • Scotland Independence Referendum
  • Poland Presidential Election
  • US Presidential Election

North & South Korea Specials – EV Bets For Politics In June

This EV bet is for those who still want to keep the risk factor. Because this has been one of the most debated political topics ever. Will North and South Korea complete the unification? There were several attempts. However, with each year the tone of this agreement is getting more and more friendly.

In conclusion, I believe that 2023 is the year when the North and South Korea unification will begin. However, it is still a factor of risk whether they will turn into a single sovereign state. Because there might be a coalition before a complete merge. To read more about the topic please check out my article on the North and South Korea unification.

  • North and South Korea to reunify as a single sovereign state, as recognized by the UN, by the end of 2023 – 3

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Great Britain General Election – Overall Majority

Continuing on the EV bets for politics in June, here is something easy. We all know that Great Britain has an intense Labour Party preference. To understand the reason behind the ever-so-socialist region, we have to take a look at history.

Because the people of England were all raised in a rather loyal system where they work on the problems together. For more interesting political facts, please check out my article about Gandhi on gambling. But as I promised EV bets, my top recommendation is the following bet. You can try to bet on the Conservative party. However, I believe the Labour Party will win. 

  • Labour Party – 1.8
  • No Overall Majority – 2
  • Conservative Party – 7.5
  • Liberal Democrat Party – 201
  • Green Party – 1000

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Canada Federal Election – EV Bets For Politics In June

Let’s move on to the Canadian Federal Election. Similar to the previous item on the list. Canada is a leading region and their money is worth more than USD at the moment. This means that everyone who lives in Canada can consider themselves lucky.

However, there are many controversies within the country as well. According to Reddit the Canadian households now have the worst debt ratio of any G7 countries. However, this is not enough to change the whole system. Because debt and economy are a product of a successful yet capitalistic state. This means that the best EV bet pick is the Conservative Party to win the next Federal Election.

  • Conservative Party Wins – 1.67
  • Liberal Party Wins – 2
  • New Democratic Party Wins – 34
  • Bloc Quebecois Wins – 34
  • Green Party Wins – 67
  • People’s Party of Canada Wins – 81
  • Any Other Party Wins – 101

Next Scottish Independence Referendum Results

Another English-speaking region among the EV bets for June. However, the flavor is now different. Because we had bets on the unification of two regions. But this one is about separation. Because they are always collecting votes on the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Ergo, people have been voting on merging or un-merging from the United Kingdom since 2014. There were two props to vote on: “Yes Scotland” or “Better Together”. According to the Institute For Government, the Prime Minister has requested a section 30 order. Which means that they are voting on independence. I believe that Scotland will stay united with the UK.

  • For Independence (Pass) – 1.83
  • Against Independence (Fail) – 1.83

Poland Presidential Election – L&J Party Candidate

Let’s travel away from the far west and zoom into the small country of Poland. Because for a small country, several political parties are competing for seats right now. It doesn’t mean that the political atmosphere is bad. Because they have a fair amount of equality. During the EV bets for politics in June, we will talk about PiS.

If you are unaware of what that is, no, it’s not about fish. It is the Law & Justice Party of Poland. According to the Rzeczpospolita, they are waiting for the priest’s endorsement for voters before announcing their next candidate. I believe it’ll be Beata Szydło.

  • Beata Szydło Wins – 2.5
  • Mateusz Morawiecki Wins – 4
  • Marek Magierowski Wins – 6.5
  • Kacper Plazynski Wins – 7
  • Mariusz Błaszczak Wins – 10
  • Malgorzata Wassermann Wins – 20
  • Lucjusz Nadbereżny Wins – 20
  • Elżbieta Witek Wins – 25
  • Marcin Horala Wins – 150
  • Paweł Lisiecki Wins – 150

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US Presidential Elections Winning Party – EV Bets For Politics In June

Finally, we are going to go back to the capital of everything. Trump was found liable for battery yet this is not going to make the world any less for the Republican Party. However, it has divided the Republican party. Because we have the Democrats mostly standing together. However, the Republicans are now separated into two inner divisions. One is the Trump Administration. However, the other consists of Republican politicians who refuse to work together with Donald Trump.

Furthermore, there is another section that stays independent as they keep representing the core values. However, last year’s events have shaken the faith of American citizens in the Democratic party. I believe the next election will be taken by the Republican Party. However, not under the Trump administration. To bet, please register at 22BET Sportsbook.

  • Republican Party Wins – 1.91
  • Democratic Party Wins – 2
  • Any other Wins – 34

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