Experts Discuss New Casino Investments at Biloxi Gaming Summit

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Hundreds of industry specialists showed up at the event to share their thoughts and experience.

This year’s Southern Gaming Summit drew hundreds of experts who gathered to discuss some very hot topics, such as new casino investments, attracting young customers, as well as the impact of online gaming and sports betting in Biloxi.

American gambling laws are quite unclear when it comes to online casinos, and politicians are still debating whether to legalize or ban them. Meanwhile, several states are preparing to open the market and make room for new investors, hoping that this will help increase the state budget. But consultants say casino developers need to spend some serious cash if they want to see significant results.

America needs online gambling

The industry is currently facing some serious challenges, such as keeping qualified staff and attracting young customers.

Financial analyst Joel Simkins said:
“I think the industry broadly needs to think about how do we get a younger demographic into the buildings? Those folks, the 20 somethings, 30 somethings, even 40 somethings. They’re playing social games right now. They’re not really seeing the casino product as appealing.”

Some believe the solution hinges on the legalization of online casinos in the US. “Obviously there are many who believe, for us to thrive as an industry and meet that next generation, we need to be online,” said American Gaming Association President Geoff Freeman. “It certainly unites these two issues and will certainly be a part of the conversation that the industry needs to have.”

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