Facts About Gambling Tourism: How Casinos Benefit Local Economies

  • Gambling tourism is one of the most popular types of leasure in the US
  • Gambling industry benefits local economies and creates jobs
  • Lots of succesful traveling destinations have casinos
Facts About Gambling Tourism

Gambling tourism or casino tourism combines two exciting things – exploring new places and spending time in gambling venues. However, it is also an important industry that brings huge tax revenues and benefits other spheres. Today we are going to talk about the other side of the casino industry, so get ready – it’s time to learn some facts about gambling tourism. 

Facts about gambling tourism: introduction

Casino tourism is one of the most popular types of tourism among young adults in America – more than 80 million people spend their leisure time in casinos yearly. Moreover, gambling tourism engages both local and international visitors. As a result, there is a year-round demand for gambling facilities.

Hotel resorts also play huge roles in the development of gambling tourism. These facilities can accommodate thousands of people, and they include all of the things one may need on vacation.

Gambling tourism benefits local economies

Land-based casinos used to be illegal in all of the states, except for Nevada, for more than 4 decades. However, as the Las Vegas gambling industry started to bring huge tax revenues, numerous states decided to legalize gambling. In 1978, New Jersey became the second state that legalized land-based gambling facilities.

Facts About Gambling Tourism
It’s beneficial to the locals.

Today, the casino industry in Las Vegas brings more than 9 billion in revenue, and the numbers are still growing.

Casino tourism creates jobs

Casino tourism also benefits local economies by creating jobs and engaging local populations. Usually, mega-casino complexes can host from 1,000 to 3,000 people at the same time. As most of the hotel resorts provide a so-called full service, they require a lot of workers, from architects to maintenance staff. In 2018, the casino workers constituted 18.7% of all private employment in the region. Though, there are new gambling venues built each year. This year, Hilton opens a brand new mega-resort that will be able to accommodate more than 3,500 people.

Gambling tourism helps other industries

Another interesting point in the list of facts about gambling tourism is the relationships between casinos and other industries. Several studies illustrated that the presence of gambling facilities in the area doesn’t necessarily make it a popular travel destination. But on the other hand, successful gambling venues attract visitors, which makes local industries and businesses more successful. Moreover, some casinos establish partnerships with hotels, restaurants, and spa centers, which creates win-win relationships.

Gambling without traveling

Casino tourism is great, but sometimes you just want to gamble without traveling to another town. Moreover, it happens that the closest gambling venues are 1,000 miles away and the weekend is really short. In these kinds of situations, online gambling can become a solution. Nowadays, online gambling sites in the US can help you to recreate the experience of real-life gambling.

Moreover, online casino sites in the US often offer great welcome packages that allow you to play your favorite games almost for free. For example, Ignition Casino provides first-timers with a 150% max. $1,500 first deposit bonus. Additionally, the huge gaming profile and 24/7 customer support make Ignition Casino a great equivalent for a land-based casino.

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