Familiar Faces Are Back in Action: Champions League Group E Betting Odds

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History repeats itself as Champions League Group E contains the same three teams from last season.

Manchester City, Bayern Munich, and CSKA Moscow meet again in this season’s Champions League group competition. Their group’s fourth participant has been replaced by AS Roma, but the teams are eager not to make the mistakes of last season, and produce better results this time around.

Naturally punters are also excited to have the same teams in one group once again, allowing them to make better decisions under German gambling laws, considering the memory of last year’s performance is still fresh. Let’s see just how the teams are standing before the first matches next Wednesday.

Champions League Group E participants and betting

The German, English, and Russian champions are at each other’s throats once again, and we all know how last season’s group competition ended. Bayern topped the group beating Manchester City on goal difference. Both teams accumulated a massive lead over both CSKA and Viktoria, never giving them a chance. History might very well repeat itself this time around as well, but there’s a new unknown in the equation – Roma.

Champions League Group E trivia and betting odds

Online sportsbooks in Germany are ready for Champions League action

• The same three teams from last season are meeting again

• Manchester City and Bayern will contest the group’s top spot

Manchester City may have grabbed yet another Premier League title this year, beating Liverpool to it, but their performance in European Cups is yet to be anything near “good”. The best result the Citizens ever achieved was the round of 16 placement last season. The team is definitely hungry for European glory, but still have to defend their title at home.

Bet365 is confident Manchester City will qualify for the knockout stage with 1.40 odds, but winning the group will be tough for the Citizens, thus only a line of 3.25 to do so. It looks like the group is a two-horse race again, but the still fresh rivalry of last season provides extra excitement for both punters and fans.

Those who bet on sports in Germany are of course excited that Bayern got drawn with Manchester City two years in a row. And although the Munich team couldn’t defend their title last season and make it 6 wins, they’ve went all the way until the semis and are now back for more. A small reorganization of personnel following the World Cup didn’t harm the Germans and the team is in great shape to fight at both domestic and international arenas.

Online sportsbooks in Germany give their boys much more favorable odds to win Group E. Bet365 values their success with 1.53 odds, casting little doubt on who’s going to take the top spot. The odds on Bayern qualifying are even shorter – 1.14, meaning they are a very sure bet in case punters want to take it slow with wagering.

CSKA Moscow are fresh from winning their second straight Russian title, but have already ran into a couple of difficulties at the start of the new domestic season. Even though they’ve failed to impress against the big guns during the last Champions League season, they will be entering this competition with deep knowledge of the opponents, which could prove to be crucial in their attempt to qualify.

Bet365 gives the Moscow side a long line of 41.00 to win the group, but the underdog odds of 8.00 to qualify from any of two available spots is regarded as a very wise bet at this point, providing a huge payout for the most faithful fans.

Roma are considered to be dark horses in this edition of Champions League. They boast a single final appearance in the League, but have been consistent throughout the years and there’s no reason why they can’t throw everything at the favorites and clinch a qualifying spot this season.

As for the bookies’ predictions, Bet365 will be paying at 2.62 odds should Roma qualify for the knockout stages, not a bad bet if you ask us. Naturally their odds on winning Group E are way too long to be considered by professional punters, a line of 9.00 means that there’s virtually no chance for the Italians to grab the top spot, but in an odd event that they do – the ones who supported them are in for a big payday.

While Manchester City and Bayern will be busy with their own private battle, Roma and CSKA may very well contest the second qualifying spot, should one of the favorites lose too many points to make it further out of the group.

Betting on the first matches in Group E

The openers in Group E commence on Wednesday, September 17th, and right at the start we have an excellent match to enjoy watching and betting on. Bayern will be hosting Manchester City in Munich and are definitely enjoying the favorable odds of 1.61 from Bet365. The Citizens had to settle for 4.75, and the draw is also unlikely with a line of 4.33.

1-0, 2-1 for Bayern and even 1-1 draw are considered to be the most likely outcomes all paying at 8.00 from Bet365. 2-0 for the Germans is not that far with 8.50 odds, but 3-0 win already has a very hefty payout – 13.00. A goalless draw is not considered seriously and will provide a hefty 15.00 payout should it happen. The same odds are given on Manchester City’s 1-0 success, while their 2-0 win will pay with a much better line of 26.00.

The first clash of Group E underdogs will happen in Rome, where the hosts are enjoying 1.61 favorable odds compared to a very long line of 5.50 for CSKA and 3.75 for the tie. Betting against Roma could be a very rewarding choice in this game, considering the Muscovites are already in full-swing in their domestic league, while the Italians are just starting.

Roma’s 1-0 and 2-0 wins are the easiest choices paying with 6.00 and 7.00 respective odds from Bet365. 3-0 for the Italians is perhaps a bit too out there with 13.00 odds, but CSKA’s success of 1-0 is also possible with the same 13.00 odds. Should CSKA win 2-0, however, the payout is already a huge 29.00.

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