Arsenal or Borussia Dortmund: Champions League Group D Betting Odds

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Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund go at each other once again in this season’s edition of Champions League.

Another interesting group in this season’s edition of Champions League is of course Group D. Arsenal have been drawn alongside Borussia Dortmund for the third time in four years providing a great chance for the teams to renew their long standing rivalry and punters under British gambling laws to indulge in some very rewarding betting activities.

There’s no clear favorite this time around, but these two teams are well ahead of the remaining two squads in terms of betting odds at online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom. Let’s take a deeper look at their history and prospects of qualifying.

Champions League Group D participants and betting

Champions League Group D trivia and betting odds

Online sportsbooks in the UK are taking Champions League Group D wagers

• Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund will contest the group supremacy

• Both Anderlecht and Galatasaray can provide headaches for the favorites

Arsenal are still led by Arsene Wenger, making the upcoming season the 18th for the French manager atop of the Gunners. Arsenal have never won Champions League, and their single final appearance may be considered to be a weak performance, but Londoners have always been strong in Europe and are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Backed by a couple of promising acquisitions during the summer, Arsenal is hungry for more, following their first trophy in years last season – the FA Cup. Those who bet on sports in the United Kingdom, will be wise to back the Gunners to win the group with a line of 2.10, while the odds on them qualifying from the group are even shorter – 1.25, and can be considered a sure bet at this point.

Arsenal were only separated from the top spot in last season’s group by goal difference. And the team that beat them to the first place was Borussia Dortmund, who went all the way until the quarter-finals failing to reproduce the previous season’s success – final appearance. This time around the situation in the group will most probably be the same: two-horse race for supremacy between Arsenal and Borussia.

Bet365 gives the Germans the same 2.10 odds as Arsenal to win the group slightly longer – 1.28 – line to qualify from one of the two places. Well-built team, strong performance on both domestic and international arena and faithful fans, all speak in favor of Borussia, and it will be very interesting to see just how well they can battle Arsenal this year.

Besides the two favorites in Group D, there are also the Turkish runners-up Galatasaray, who went all the way into the Round of 16 last season and reached quarter-finals the season before. The Turkish side is especially good against British opposition and can very well cut into the battle between Arsenal and Borussia and surprise everyone by qualifying.

According to Bet365, Galatasaray’s chances of winning Group D pretty slim with 9.00 odds, but their line of 2.75 to qualify from one of two slots are pretty good, and should definitely be considered by punters looking to make some money with wise guesses.

Last, but definitely not least occupants of Group D are the Belgian champions Anderlecht. The Belgian are playing in the Champions League on a consistent basis, but can’t seem to climb higher than the group stage. And although this season’s group is also quite tough, they will certainly be trying to get into the knockouts.

Faithful Brussels punters will be cheering their team on, but Bet365 has little faith in Anderlecht with huge 29.00 odds to win the group, and a hefty line of 7.00 to qualify, which could be a very interesting bet to make at this point, considering the underdogs’ status of the team.

Betting on the first matches in Group D

The group competition this time around will kick off with the battle of two giants: Borussia will be hosting Arsenal on Tuesday, September 16th. Thanks to their famed home stadium support, the Germans enjoy favorable odds of 2.05 from Bet365, compared to a longer line of 3.30 for the Gunners and 3.60 for the draw. The outcome of the match will definitely shed light on what to expect in this group.

A 1-1 tie is looking more and more as the most plausible result of the game, paying at 7.00 from Bet365. Borussia’s single goal win has 9.50 price, while the same result for Arsenal will pay at 13.00. Big wins are less likely and thus 2-0 for the Germans pays at 11.00 and for the English – at 19.00. 2-1 results are also on the books and will pay at 8.50 for Borussia, and at 12.00 for Arsenal.

The clash of the underdogs will start in Turkey, with the hosts, Galatasaray, enjoying a very short line of 1.80 compared to 4.20 odds for Anderlecht. Bet365 values a draw result in this match with a 3.75 line. Taking all three points from this game will be important for both teams, as it will most probably mean a better chance of qualifying in the end.

Just like for the big match in this group, the 1-1 draw delivers the shortest odds of 7.00. Galatasaray’s wins of 1-0 and 2-0 are also highly probable with 7.50 and 9.00 respective odds. However, 1-0 for Anderlecht already has a long line of 12.00, while 2-0 is almost out of the question with 21.00 odds from Bet365.

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