Feather-Light Cycle Wear Launched by Adidas to Make Riders Fly

Adidas Adizero Evasus cycling gear shorts

Gram-watching cyclists satisfied with innovative feathery-light products launched by companies like Adidas who make bike wear.

The new Adizero Evasus bib shorts, by Adidas, which weighs only 99g, has been dubbed as “the world’s lightest cycling kit”. The shorts is made from Adidas’ own Formotion material. It is also sewn to enhance free leg movement even as it fits like a second skin. The jersey, made to complete the outfit, is cut for comfort and has pockets behind it that can be easily reached. In 2014, when mobile betting rose significantly, Adidas also produced an Adizero jersey which weighed a light 65g.

The company also won the prestigious Eurobike Gold Award last year. The award is given to a company for its innovative products in the bicycle industry. Pro-Bikers are keen to wear the matching bib shorts and socks which are just as light in weight. The bib shorts also has a mesh ventilation for the underarm. That along with the bibs, and socks weigh a feathery 200g altogether.

Adidas’ float-away bib shorts and jersey cost GBP 320

According to US gambling news, the shorts also boast legs that have compression, UV protection and hems fashioned by laser. The upper part is made up of “a sheer, less than opaque material” which is of minimum weight. It’s almost impossible to overheat in it as cyclists ride to the top of slopes on a hot day. The pad offers a triple-density design that Adidas claims will withstand a ride that lasts for 6 hours, without getting uncomfortable on the rider’s seat.

For those wanting to sport the full lightweight matching gear, Adidas also offers the Adizero ankle socks, the cost is not yet known but you can make a bet under US gambling laws, as to how much gram-watching bikers will be paying for them. It features ventilated meshes, flat toe seam and arch support. For the ultra-light Adizero jersey, cyclists will have to wheel out GBP 100. That and the bib costing a whopping GBP 120, bikers are going to leave stores with feathery-weight pockets too.

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