Find Your Innate Poker Talents at PokerStars’ Natural Born Poker Player

Natural Born Poker Player

PokerStars players can test their inner poker skills due to the new Natural Born Poker Player game series.

PokerStars has announced their new game series, the Natural Born Poker Player (NBPP), which was released for 18 markets on 3rd of April.According to online poker sites in EU, many celebrities and professional players are also participating in the popular game series, which consists of 6 interactive short movies.

The short movies are set in non-poker related scenarios. The purpose with this interactive gaming system is to measure the so-called “Poker IQ” of each player. The users will be measured according to 6 important factors: Bravery, bluffing, quick thinking, logic, composure, detection.

Natural Born Poker Player will be promoted through the social media

When someone plays a game, he or she will be tested across 3 innate poker talents and the highest ranking talent will be their natural poker style. It will be more entertaining to play online poker in EU due to NBPP because players will also be able to share their result through social media sites.

In addition, the gaming event will have its very own hashtag on these social media sites, translated in the official language of the given country. Players will also be able to find fun facts and interesting news in connection with Natural Born Poker Player such as which celebrity has the highest Poker IQ, and so on.

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