Florida Gives Up on New Casino Bill

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Lawmakers in Florida have given up on the idea of opening the local casino market.

Members of a special committee on gaming have assembled to discuss a 400-page bill which was supposed to legalize two hotel and casino resorts in Miami. However, they did not manage to reach a consensus, so the subject of changing the current American gambling laws was dropped.

Meanwhile, Governor Rick Scott is negotiating with the Seminole Tribe of Florida to replace an agreement expiring in 2015, but lawmakers claim they have to know what the new compact includes before they can pass new regulations. They need to be able to assess the tax paid to the state in exchange for the tribe’s casino exclusivity.

“Recently it’s become very apparent to all of us who are tracking this issue that unless the governor negotiates a new contract with the Seminole tribe, there won’t be any comprehensive gaming legislation this year,” Senator Garrett Richter commented.

“Not in the cards”

Richter believes it would be wiser to wait and “address comprehensive gaming reform in the context of a compact ratification.”

“During the gaming committees extended deliberations over the past year, it has become increasingly apparent to me that, even on our committee, reaching consensus on a 400-page gaming reform bill is just not in the cards,” he added.

According to local gambling news, the new casino bill has been dropped, but the special committee will meet soon to discuss new regulations for greyhound racing.

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