Follow the EPT Barcelona on PokerStars’ Webcast

Pokerstars EPT webcast coverage

A superb webcast channel was launched by PokerStars recently, with the aim of entertaining their poker-lover customers.

online gambling sites in Spain report that the European Poker Tour will return to Barcelona in the 12th season as well as in all the previous ones. Thanks to its constant presence in the competition, Barcelona has become one of the most popular destinations of the European Poker Tour among the players.

As the event is becoming more and more well-known, the interest towards the competition is also increasing. Therefore, there are many people who are interested in participating in the event even if only as spectadors. Users of the internet casino complained that only the lucky ones can follow the championship, who can afford travelling to Spain.

PokerStars launches webcast channel to satisfy their customers

Due to the way too many complaints, PokerStars have decided to handle the problem. That is how they reached to the final solution, which seems to be a perfect one, which will be beneficial for the customers as well as the organizers of the event. They decided to launch a webcast channel, so that everyone can follow the EPT Barcelona, even without having to travel to the capital of Catalonia. A mobile app is also available to make the broadcast accessible on the go!

Spanish gambling news report that even with the webcast channel, they expect a huge number of visitors during the competition. The tournament will start on 18 August and will finish on 30 August. The event will feature many minor tourneys, all with superb cash prizes to be won.

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