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Have you ever watched the football game of your local village team and wished they were aired? Visit Hungary and watch low league football on TV today!

“Aren’t you bored of the Champions League yet? Those guys with their tattoos diving on the field for millions of Euros… Watch the Hungarian lower league!” That’s how the Hungarian national sport channel’s latest commercial starts, in which they are promoting Hungary’s 4th and 5th division’s games, which will be viewable on television.

And yes, that is completely serious. Online betting sites in Hungary reported that from now on, it will be possible to follow the Hungarian 4th and 5th football division live on television. If there is football on TV today, then village people won’t need to go out and support the teams in their villages. They can just stay home and watch the local team on TV. It’s so much simpler and better, isn’t it?

No second division games on Hungarian television, only 4th

Do you know anything about Hungarian football clubs? No? Well, shame on… definitely not you. There is a reason why you never even heard of the best teams playing in the best Hungarian league. The quality of those games is…how to put it nicely, “not the best that one could imagine.”

In addition, Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség (Hungarian Football Association) just recently decreased the number of aired football matches of the first division, hoping for more people to attend the stadiums this way. The second and third divisions are not broadcast in Hungarian television, but why should that mean not to broadcast the 4th or 5th?

All thanks to a simple Facebook group

The reason behind the national television’s decision seems pretty clear to those who are familiar with Hungarian football: there is a Facebook group called TrollFoci, which is the Hungarian version of Troll Football. The page has almost 300,000 followers on Facebook and they are becoming more and more popular every day. The main portfolio of this page is making fun of the pitfalls of Hungarian football, but they are also responsible for making football – and more importantly, making low league football – popular again within the Eastern European country.

Betting on Hungarian lower league is not an option – not yet!

It’s true that from this week on, you will be able to follow Hungarian villages on television, however it is not possible to bet on football in Hungary. Can you imagine that? There is football on TV today, but you cannot place your bets on them, how horrible!

Well, no online sportsbook has found the great commercial opportunity in this kind of activity yet, but who knows? Maybe so many people will watch Hungarian low league games that sportsbooks like Bet365 and Unibet will need to introduce new leagues to their databases…

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