Four Badass Moves to Catch Attention in the Casino

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Looking to make a splash at the casino? We’ve got you covered with some brilliant and not so brilliant moves.

Why do we visit casinos? It isn’t about the games themselves. If we simply wanted to gamble there are countless online casinos in the UK and elsewhere we can access without leaving our homes.
We go to the casino for the experience and social interaction of a night on the town. We go because we want to see others and more importantly, we want to be seen.

Nobody wants to be a wallflower. When we go out we want to be noticed. This piece will run through a few bold moves certain to catch attention at the casino.


Okay, this one is a bit boring… we know. But it’s the simplest and smartest way to receive positive attention at the casino. Whether you play poker, blackjack, roulette or baccarat, do your homework and make certain that you excel at whichever game you choose.

What is more attractive than someone who is good at what they do? Nothing we can think of. If you beat the dealer repeatedly at blackjack there is no question that others sitting around will be impressed. Soon you will be that talk of the table, and potentially of the entire casino. The same goes for any game.

Another way to do this is to win a massive jackpot at the slot machine, but that takes luck, not skill. Besides, there is nothing impressive about a slot player.

Go all in on the first hand

In the poker world this is the ultimate bold move. Imagine walking into an American poker room with your stack of chips. You politely greet the dealer and the other players. If appearances say anything, you are a typical poker player like anyone else. Then the first cards are dealt. Take a look at them and calmly announce: “I’m all in.” This doesn’t say much about your hand itself. Before seeing the flop there is no way to tell your odds of winning.

What it does is say a lot about you as a person. You have A LOT of money. You are confidence in human form. You don’t care whether you win or lose on the first hand. You’ll just calmly walk over to the cashier and get a new stack of chips. You are a risk-taker by nature. When you see an opportunity you don’t just seize it. You strangle it.

Here is an even bolder move. Go to the cashier and take out all of your money in chips. Bring them over to the roulette table. Put everything on red. This gives you a 50/50 chance of winning. On one spin of the wheel you will either leave the casino with nothing or twice what you came with. Sound like a lot of pressure? Pressure doesn’t exist in your life.

Charm a woman at the baccarat table

Unless your name is James Bond, it is extremely difficult to pick up a member of the opposite sex at a casino. Sure, you can troll around for extremely drunk and desperate prospects. But mostly this will get you attention for all of the wrong reasons. Rather, do your best Bond impersonation.

Be a charmer. Walk up to the baccarat table calm and collected. Most likely you will find an attractive female there. It is very important that you show ability in the game. Nothing fazes you, you know exactly what to do in any situation. Couple this with good lucks and witty remarks. Show the woman that you recognize her skill at baccarat but are still willing to teach her a few things.

You are catching everyone’s attention without seeking anyone’s attention. After a few hands you can invite the lady for something to drink and a pleasant conversation in private. Now that’s something you can’t do at a British internet casino.

Place wagers in marijuana

We hold a special place in our hearts for this move. You try this one, and you are destined to catch the attention of everyone in the casino, the evening news, and the adoration of pot smokers everywhere. Walk up to the poker table. How you are dressed doesn’t matter much here. You may want to wear a sharp suit and tie, but in reality most who would consider this move are dressed casually.

Put a chip down for the blind. Toss in chips for the first few bets. Don’t do anything to draw attention to yourself. Then, when an opponent places a bet, respond accordingly:

Opponent: “I bet 100 chips.”

You: “I see your 100 chips, and I raise you 1 ounce of weed.”

Opponent: “Excuse me?”

Reach into your pocket and pull out the relatively large bag of marijuana. Place it on the table. That’s what you are wagering with this evening. Those who didn’t hear or see you place the bet will quickly smell it. Everyone will gasp. The dealer will be speechless.

You will be immediately escorted out by security and depending on where the casino is located, possibly arrested. But you went to the casino with the intention of making gambling news, and you did just that. So congratulations my friend, and thank you for bringing a bit of joy into our hearts.

Be bold, always

Whatever you do, whether it be clever or stupid, classy or trashy, skillful or utterly clueless, do it big.
We’ve given you four ways to make a splash during your next outing at the casino. We’re certain that each of them will work without fail. If these aren’t for you, we’re certain that the showman in you can come up with someone brilliant. Good luck sir, and hope to see you on the news soon.

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