French Lawmakers to Debate the Gambling Law Until the Hell Freezes

Further complication in French gambling laws in the pipeline as Paris bureaucrats form new commissions.

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The French, like many Europeans, are allowed to gamble. After all, Monaco is strongly influenced by the French.

Yet, the French gambling laws are as complicated as the Paris legislators can make them, surpassing even inventions made by Brussels bureaucrats. It takes a gambling law attorney to specialize in this area alone to properly advise the clients.

The French gambling news has received information that another gambling regulation commission was assembled to deliberate the gambling ‘til the world ends. The commission received a mandate from the French Ministry of Budget, Public Accounts and Government Reform.

The commission will deliberate introduction of new games to online casinos in France and further regulation of mobile betting in the country. As the French have lots of say in Europe, and with a ‘jawohl’ from Merkel, they may as well influence the entire set of the European Union’s gambling laws.

This, of course, doesn’t make the British happy as their advanced online casino industry, especially online sports betting companies, may suffer as a result. It is also not clear how the French commission will analyze the new online games such as online slots. Will they simply log in and start playing? Perhaps, then they can write casino reviews and game promotions.

Nevertheless, the commission is composed of some serious people such as:

  • Philippe Bailly, CEO of NPA Conseil
  • Stephane Tijardovic, Commissioner at French Ministry of Interior
  • Franck Veysset, chief of the National Government Agency CERTA, responsible for Internet security

Furthermore, another commission is formed and it will deliberate issues related to sports betting including online sportsbooks in France and how these affect…who knows what.

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