Mississippi Joins the List of Internet Gambling Approving States

Mississippi throws internet gambling onto the table with a new bill that could see it legalized

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Mississippi is the next in a rapidly growing line of US states to throw the legalization of online gambling onto the table for discussion, with a new bill approving internet betting, according to recent United States gambling news.

Recently, former chairman of the House Gaming Committee, Mr. Bobby Moak, House Minority leader, introduced House Bill 1373 to the state. The bill is rumored to allow citizens over the age of twenty one, the right to play online casino games, including the use of online poker sites in United States.

The bill, which aims to cut down the number of gamblers playing at offshore sites estimated to be in the millions, states that “without regulation of online gambling, the public trust and confidence in legal gambling is impacted.”

In the move, the Mississippi Gaming Commission would be granted the authority to issue licenses to casinos, set a range of fees for gambling, and also monitor and oversee online casinos, poker rooms and other internet related gambling sites. In a measure to ensure themselves against cheating, casino employees would also not be allowed to wager in any casino they worked in, be it online or land-based.

The financial rewards of the bill are widely discussed, with estimates of up to $200,000 per license being talked about for gambling companies, who would also have to pay tax on winnings, amongst other fees. It is felt that online poker and online slots would have the biggest revenue for the state to collect, though with the rise of internet gambling in United States , other forms of profitable revenue seem likely too.

Whilst several new companies have spoken out in favor of the move, including Caesars Entertainment, Grand Biloxi and MGM Resorts International, it is still possible the bill will be voted down, as it is rumored that there are still a few opponents of the legalization of online gaming out in force.

With current changes sweeping the US gambling laws at the moment, it is quite unclear as to whether each individual state will have their own laws regarding online gambling, or whether a federal law will eventually kick in. But for the moment at least, Mississippi is prepared to let their players play, and their gamblers gamble.

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