British Bookmaker Decides to Allow Bets on Upcoming Armageddon

Is the British public gambling on the end of the world in December 2012?

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Bookmakers in the United Kingdom are planning on allowing their customers to place bets, that the world will in December 2012, according to the latest United Kingdom gambling news.

Certain top online gambling sites in United Kingdom, are rumored to be offering odds of up to 1,000,000/1, according to a recent review on a French website. The move is rumored to have come, due the end of the Mayan calendar, which predicts catastrophe on a global scale, or as the bible calls it, Armageddon.

It may seem that the odds are stacked firmly against the bookmakers here, but if such an event occurs, the probability of paying out those bets, would be greatly reduced. That isn’t the only reason the bookies are smiling at the prospect of never having to pay out though.

In recent years, betting on completely isolated disaster events, such as when the Large Hadron Collider was switched on, and the turn of the Millennium have proved highly popular with punters. The probability of these events occurring is rumored to be so little, that bookmakers are sometimes even willing to allow customers to set their own odds!

The ability to wager on such silly events, and the bookmakers’ decision to allow certain people to set their own odds has not been found to breach the British gambling laws either. Which one might think, given the current strife across the globe surrounding gambling, that it might.

As a few nervous punters, and gamblers read statistics from economic magazines, and there are rumors that scientists have greatly reduced the probability of Earth being hit by an asteroid to 250,000/1, punters may very well flock to their local bookies, and we may even see a rise in internet gambling in United Kingdom, as people try and cash in on the apparently unnecessary fears.

Despite all these rumors, a spokesman for a French online casino sees things different, and claims that gambling in 2012 will be remembered for other reasons. He explains: “2012 looks set to be a landmark year for online betting. Alongside the Mayan Calendar speculation, we have the US Presidential Elections, London Olympics and Euro 2012 Championships all coming up this year, so people looking to have a flutter have plenty to look forward to. These types of major events always give a boost to betting revenues, and we’re expecting to see a rise in the number of casual bets placed this year as a result.”

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