Gambling Regulation in America Going into Conflicting Directions

American states going into opposite gambling regulation laws while Congress stays on the sidelines.

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There still is no clear indication as to the direction into which the American gambling laws are heading. At the Federal level, US Congress still hasn’t acted on passing a set of laws regarding gambling.

At the same same, American states are passing their own laws, some pro and others against gambling. Our gambling laws analysts at American gambling news are on a watch as to the latest developments at the state and federal levels.

South Carolina lawmakers are getting close to outlawing gaming machines as some legislators are worried that these may soon become video poker machines that will be widely available if no action is taken. This legislature is being taken up after the state judges declared the machines are legal under state law. Seeking to change the law, legislators are drawing up a bill to restrict the machines from the public.

Concurrently, Iowa state legislators are seeking legalization of online and mobile casinos, hoping to bring to the state additional revenues. Specifically, the law makers are seeking to legalize online poker and make it available to players over 21 years of age. Additional motivation is to have state residents deal with controlled gambling outfits rather than many unregulated ones to which Iowans come in order to play.

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, the regulators are debating as to whether allow the state lottery to start offering online gambling including video poker. Online scratch tickets are also under consideration and these would act kind of like online slot machines.

In the upcoming months, more states will debate gambling laws and, possibly, the US Congress will act. Once the rules become clearer, online casinos will seek to enter this enormous market.

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