Texas Born-Again Christians In Strong Opposition to Gambling

Will you go to hell if you live in Texas and you play at an online casino?

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Our readers can already tell how complicated the American gambling laws can be. The Wire Act, dating prior to the Internet development, the truly dark ages of 1960s, can be a friend of anti-gambling advocates. Yet, the grouchy cat is turning its tail.

The Wire Act restricts intrastate and international gambling through the use of telecommunication devices including smartphones which enable mobile betting opportunities. Now, the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission is a strong supporter of the act as it apparently feels gambling may send the followers to hell.

The catch is that the interpretation of the Wire Act doesn’t prevent online gambling unless it is related to sports betting, including online betting widely available to punters.

Yet, many Texas legislators are seeking to expand gambling opportunities within the state, as they correctly concluded, Texas gamblers go out of state to play at casinos while depriving the state of gambling tax revenues.

The research done by United States gambling news estimates that Texas residents alone spend billions of dollars annually at Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Nevada casinos on gambling activities.

Online gambling is the future. The gambling expert, Mr. Rose stated that ” Seven or eight years from now, I think that just about every state in the country will have online lottery sales and at least half of them will have online poker.”

Meanwhile, the Texan state lottery is venturing into online gambling. This is a promotional activity giving losing lottery ticket holders a second chance to win a price via the Internet. Why some authorities and puritans feel it’s bad is not clear. Why not give the people a free second chance to win?

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