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You may be wondering, can Omani people play lotto online? The answer is “Yes”! But, what about the Oman lottery ticket price in 2022? It depends on the site you choose and how you play a game. We break it down here. So, you may ensure purchasing an online lottery ticket at its best price.

Are you one of the ambitious Filipinos dreaming about having an online shot at almost a billion pesos? If yes, then you have landed at the right piece. We provide you with a simple yet informative guide here on how to claim lotto winnings in the Philippines while playing online.

May the hot numbers and best odds be on your side whenever you fill an online lottery ticket! For all precious Ethiopians who dream of striking rich, we help you with our crucial guide on the most lottery winning numbers in Ethiopia.

The Internet is full of happy and also cringe-worthy lottery stories, but what about the it-was-close moments? We have found plenty of winners who almost missed out on the jackpot. Can you imagine the heartache and frustration after realizing how close they were to being rich? Let’s find out the amounts they almost never received!

Can you imagine winning the lottery only to be told that it was a mistake? This is just one example of the lotteries’ worst nightmare. Not to mention the ticket owners’ bad luck. Do you remember when Steve Harvey read the wrong name in the Miss Universe finals? Similar situations have happened in the world of the lotto too. You can read about a bunch of ruined, lost, and found lottery ticket stories, but what if the lotteries are at fault and not the gamblers? 

Even if you are a regular lotto player or not, don't miss the upcoming US Mega Millions Jackpot this week. The draw will take place on the 31st of May, so tomorrow. The main prize reached a whopping $170 Million as there was no winning ticket last week.

There was a case of a stolen lottery ticket recently. A 60-year-old veteran living in the United States has purchased a lottery ticket. He didn’t know his winnings and returned the ticket to a shop for the prize. However, according to the man, the shopkeeper stole the ticket from him. The case has ended and it was not a happy ending. This is why online gambling is much safer. He will likely never see his £6.5m in his hands again.

We collected the most notable lotteries from history. If you enjoy learning about gambling or history, then this is the perfect opportunity. Because the history of lotteries goes back a long way. From being the deciding factor in the Senate membership of Athene to the reparations of England and the executions of Rome. Lottery always had an important role in politics. It had hundreds of different names, but the methodism was identical.

There are many iconic things funded by the lottery in the history of our world. From the reparations and building of the greatest of monuments to hospitals and armies. Perhaps, one of the most common things governments are funding by lotteries is the foundation of education programs and institutions. Therefore, winning the jackpot in the lottery always has a low chance of success. They are often main state contributors.

The lottery is a gamble trough and trough. From the way, you select the numbers on your slip to the draw. Imagine the happiness after someone wins the jackpot! It is a blessing! Or not? There have been examples of cheating and scandals on the lottery market several times, which raised some questions. Is it manipulated? Why does winning the lottery ruin a person’s life, etc.? We are going to show you the biggest lottery scandals in the world!