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There is a robot casino dealer brought to you by LT Gaming. Is this the future? Casino companies may hire these good-looking robots to entertain the people. However, they are not efficient enough to replace a human. However, they look good and you can play Baccarat with them. However, the robot industry still needs around twenty years before a functioning robot could deal with multiple games in a casino.

The new gambling regulator in Germany is innovating the safety of the online gambling experience for German citizens. Because the previous regulative body has realized that their system is outdated and there were too many prosecutions and illegal gambling cases in the last year. Therefore, Germany has invented an innovative solution with the CGL to enforce stricter regulations. However, this will serve a healthy gambling atmosphere.

In this article, you’ll see the biggest names that are currently linked to the French first league. Ligue 1 has put out some great talent over the years and also bought up some of it. Whether you support Paris, Marseille, Lille, Nice, Monaco, or else, check out our Ligue 1 transfer predictions for this summer.

We have collected the top 6 horses to bet on in the summer of 2022. Therefore, these are not only the best horses but the most anticipated upcoming events too. Because the ending of 2022 will conclude the fight for the first place between Life is Good and Knicks Go. Furthermore, the Australian horse Golden Sixty is going to try and conquer yet another eastern race. Furthermore, the star horse Baaeed is facing its hardest challenge.

In this article, we will be listing some of the biggest Serie A transfer predictions for this summer. Italy has one of the biggest football markets in the world and a lot of talent come and go every year. Furthermore, we’ll only be listing potential arrivals to Serie A.

Are you a gambling fan preparing for your next trip? How about mixing tourist attractions with different gaming options? The good news is that you don’t even have to leave your home to get the best gambling experience since many casinos provide online availability and virtual tours! In this article, we list the best destinations in the world for gamblers. Check out our article on the best gambling cities in the world to check off your gambling experience bucket list!

This article is going to explain why there are no lottery-winning formulas. Therefore, we are going to give you interesting facts about the history of the lottery. Furthermore, we are going to summarize the small strategies that can turn into a huge advantage formula. However, there is no magical formula that exploits the law of mathematics to give you a pick-and-win type of strategy.

We are dedicating this article to busting the most horrible poker myths. Because these are probably intimidating new players from trying the game out. Therefore, this list might motivate you to try and play with some real cash at either the online or retail casinos around the world. Because you don’t need to be Albert Einstein or Zack Effron to sit down at a table and have fun with some cards. Furthermore, the casino is scamming you.

We have collected the most beautiful casinos from all around the world. Therefore, these are not only for gamblers to visit. Because many of them offer everything you want to experience during a holiday. From the water, baths, fine dining, adventure, and discovery, to high roller poker rooms. Furthermore, these designs are not replicas of each other. Because all of them want to create an imaginary world in reality.

This time, fantasy managers are gearing up for the Full Season Game 2023 EPL fantasy tournament. What’s more, we are giving them a helping hand with a guide on the best daily fantasy EPL picks. All in all, these picks will help managers to build the ultimate team for the latest Premier League fantasy tournament.