Dutch Casino Faces Litigation Over Banning a Gambler

Suspected Iraqi money launderer sues Dutch casino for access to gambling premises.

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There aren’t many players that get a casino gambling ban in liberal Netherlands. Casino business in the country is controlled by Holland Casino as prescribed by Dutch gambling laws. So, banning a person at this land-based casino, closes opportunities to gamble in Holland.

One man, an Iraqi, was banned by the Holland Casino as the source of his large gambling funds is unclear. It’s been rumored that the funds may come from the terrorists in order to launder the cash for European terrorist operations.

The sources at Dutch gambling news state that it is unlikely as the Iraqi gambler took the casino to court to have the ban lifted. As court papers state, the man claims to have sold businesses in northern Iraq and now is looking to freely spend them at a casino.

This ban raises eyebrows of many casino gamblers who visit the Dutch gambling monopoly. Many claim it is not right to have only one company operate the entire casino chain. At the same time, legislators are behind technological developments and didn’t catch up with the Dutch internet casino regulations.

In fact, the legality of online gambling in Netherlands has been unsolved. The government is seeking to deny foreign operators access to Dutch clients. However, this becomes quite complicated.

Once the Netherlands allow Dutch-based casinos, they will, most likely, need to allow other EU-based online casinos, including many mobile casinos to enter the market. Otherwise, it would account to discrimination as EU law states.

It’s been estimated that the Dutch spend nearly half a billion euros a year at Internet casinos alone. This makes it a good market to enter.

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