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Casinos in Netherlands

Holland Casino, the monopoly operator in the Netherlands, opened the first Dutch casino in 1976. Since that Zandvoort based casino opened, it has been joined by another 13, taking the total number to 14, spread throughout the country.

There have been recent calls for the privatization of Holland Casino, after the organization posted big losses in 2011 and 2012. This led to the company being put under direct supervision by the Dutch government in October 2013, after the company announced another 150 job cuts to follow the 400 from 2012.


Online Casinos in Netherlands

Currently there are no legal online casinos in Holland, and after the record EUR 100,000 fine handed out to unlicensed operator Global Stars, other operators have backed away from the country. As such, Dutch online casino gamers are very limited in their choice.

This is about to change, however, as 2013 saw draft legislation announced that would liberalize the online gambling market in the Netherlands. From January 1st, 2015, companies will be able to gain licenses to run online casinos in Holland. Dutch players will still be dissuaded from using foreign based online casinos, however, as they will be subject to a 29% tax on any winnings – a tax that will not apply to winnings from Netherlands based online casinos.

Holland Casino did set up an online casino in 2000, but it was short lived, lasting only a year. In 2007, they attempted to reopen the casino, but the government denied them a license, forcing the cancellation of an agreement with software company Cryptologic.