French Problem Gamblers Make up a Small Percentage of Population

Recent survey in France revealed 1.3 percent of French population have some level of addiction to gambling

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French Monitoring Center for Drugs and Addiction (OFDT) recently finished a research project examining all aspects of problem gambling at both land-based and online casinos in France.

The research revealed that approximately 600,000 players, or 1.3 percent of the French adult population, are in some way addicted to gambling. The statistic is of a particular curiosity since a recent Playboy study found that 1.3 percent of French men are exclusively attracted to females with unshaved armpits. No correlation has yet been established.

France gambling news reports that according to the research study: “0.9% of individuals (400,000 people) are at moderate risk” (players who could get into trouble over their behavior due to gambling) and that “0.4% (200,000 people) are problem gamblers ” (players in big trouble over their behavior caused by gambling). In total, 1.3% of the French population of over 18 is known to have problem gambling issues.

Comparing to other countries, the situation in France is quite moderate. On similar tests Australians score at the top of the chart, and are the undisputed leaders in gambling around the world, and any Australian scientist will bet on that fact. This means that all casinos and other gambling providers, working under French gambling laws, are actually doing a great job in preventing addiction.

If we look at situation in other countries we can find 5 percent problem gamblers in United States and Australia, and around 2 percent in Belgium, Canada, Italy and United Kingdom.

Poker players represent only 8 percent of all active gamblers in France. These are people, who played at least 52 times or spend at least €500 gambling during the last year. Lotteries and scratch cards represent 75 percent and 62.2 percent of active players in France respectively. Sports betting has 23.2 of all active gamers in the country.

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