Gambling Debts Cited as Reason for Porvoo Abduction in Finland

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Finnish police have recently uncovered that the motive behind the abduction of a 20-year-old woman from Porvoo is rooted in the suspect’s gambling debts.

Earlier this week, Itä-Uusimaa’s Police Department have interrogated the suspect accused of abducting a young woman in Porvoo and have revealed that gambling debts could be the motive behind the abduction.

Since Finnish gambling laws permit all forms of gambling, it has become a popular past-time for most Finns, with 8 out of 10 dabbling in gambling once in a while, however it looks like things got out of hand for the man accused of abduction.

When she was walking along the forest trail in the Näsi district of Porvoo, around 7 p.m. on Tuesday, the woman was abducted by the accused. While being held captive for a few hours, her abductor stole over EUR 100 from her bank account.

Motivation of Porvoo abduction traced to gambling debts

The victim had suffered from many injuries, but has already been interviewed by the police and been discharged from hospital.

Police are still questioning the perpetrator, who is believed to have racked up debts from possible mobile casino gambling habits, but police are continuing their investigation.

Mia Tuominen, the officer heading up the investigation, revealed that the suspect and the victim did not know each other prior to the abduction.

She also revealed that the police stumbled upon the crime by mere chance, after pulling over the suspect’s vehicle for a routine inspection, they found the victim tied up in the back.

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