Gambling the Chinatown Way

Illegal Chinese immigrants go further into debt after playing at gang casinos.

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There will always be those brave and greedy souls looking to make money off illegal gambling. That’s despite the American gambling laws which strictly prohibit and punish the unlicensed gambling operations.

In another bust, this time in Chicago’s Chinatown, the police has broken up the illegal gaming destination, resulting in an arrest of the owner, a Chinese immigrant, and confiscation of $50,000 in cash. Nearly $40,000 was taken from the machines and $10,000 from the desk of the operator. Also, 21 gambling devices resembling arcade games were seized.

In addition, the investigators were able to get hold of the payout tickets which will be used as an additional evidence during the trial.

It is rumored that many Chinese illegal immigrants, who for being smuggled in a container to America, attempted to win some money in the parlor in hopes of paying thousands of dollars owed to the smuggling rings.

Due to their undocumented status, many of the Chinese gamblers avoid online casinos in United States, all of which are offshore sites anyway. The need to gamble with compatriots is also one of the factors the illegal laborers visit parlors as the one in Chicago.

In addition, playing an arcade game for money helps if the signs happen to be in Chinese, making it easier to understand the machine. Some players, however, decide to use the latest technologies to play online poker, hoping to score a flush and pay off the human trafficking gangs for good.

Unfortunately, this rarely happens as many sites recommended by the gangs are fake sites where the games are rigged. Thus, it is important that the players only enter reputable online casinos.

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